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Study shows, inhaling active form of hydrogen “suisonia” effective for Post COVID-19 syndrome

post covid 19 study participants inhale suisonia active hydrogen inhaler

Post COVID-19 study participants inhaling active form of hydrogen

One of the participant inhaling H(H₂O)m

One of the participant inhaling H(H₂O)m

One participant inhales H(H₂O)m from suisonia device

One participant inhales H(H₂O)m from suisonia device

Post COVID-19 syndrome, a developing world-wide problem may be alleviated by Japan originated medical device “suisonia”.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA, October 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — This world’s first study of post COVID-19 was conducted by Russian top respiratory Doctors, and its paper was published on October 15th 2021.

《Almost 40% of infected people suffer post COVID-19 syndrome》
Post COVID-19 syndrome (Long COVID-19) is a world-wide developing problem. According to one survey conducted in United Kingdom, 37% people who recovered from COVID-19 still suffered severe symptoms such as fatigue and shortness of breath affecting daily lives. There are nearly 100 million people around the world suffering from Post COVID-19 syndrome.

《Russian Top Doctors conducted clinical trial on medical staffs》
This clinical trial have been conducted in Russia since December of 2020, to research the therapeutic effect of “suisonia”. The study was led by Prof. Alexander G. Chuchalin, a well known pulmonologist from Russia.

Participants were 60 medical staffs from D.D. Pletnev City Clinical Hospital (Moscow) who were diagnosed with Post COVID-19 syndrome were divided into two groups. First 30 participants inhaled “suisonia”, while the others will only receive standard therapy. 69 different datas including blood test, lung conditions, exercise tolerance, and more were collected from each participants on 1st and 10th day. As a result, following effects were confirmed.

Four points that reveals the efficacy of active form of hydrogen
・ The walking distance in 6 minutes increased by 1.5 times in the “suisonia” group (no change in the non-use group).
・ Oxygen carried to the whole body on “suisonia”group.
・ Improved condition of blood vessels were confirmed on “suisonia” group.
・ Some participants from “suisonia” group reported improvement of life, such as improvement of fatigue.

Based on these results, the article stated that inhaling “suisonia” H(H₂O)m is a safe and highly effective method in treating post COVID-19 syndrome.

《”suisonia” a medical inhaler from Japan that generates “Active form of Hydrogen – H(H₂O)m”》
“suisonia” is a medical device developed by Suisonia Co., Ltd (Japan) since 2012, while manufacturing and sales began on October 2013 onwards. “suisonia” has a characteristic of generating “active form of hydrogen surrounded by steam” by unique method called superheated steam reduction to generate hydrogen, which is different from generally available electrolysis. “suisonia’s” active form of hydrogen has characteristic of having greater reducing power than electrolysis generated hydrogen, when compared at the same concentration. As various positive effects on human health are expected, more diseases like Asthma, COPD and renal failure is being studied not only in Japan, but in other countries.

《Journal Information》
Title: Hydrogen inhalation in rehabilitation program of the medical staff recovered from COVID-19

Shogenova L.V., Truong T.Ch., Kryukova N.O., Yusupkhodzhaeva K.A., Pozdnyakova D.D., Kim T.G., Chernyak A.V., Kalmanova Е.N., Medvedev O.S., Kuropatkina T.A., Varfolomeev S.D., Ryabokon A.M., Svitich O.А., Kostinov M.P., Kunio I., Hiroki M., Chuchalin A.G.
Hydrogen inhalation in rehabilitation program of the medical staff recovered from COVID-19. Cardiovascular Therapy and Prevention. 2021;20(6):2986. (In Russ.) https://doi.org/10.15829/1728-8800-2021-2986

Learn more about the research:

《About Suisonia Co., Ltd》
Suisonia Co., Ltd. (formerly Earth Engineering Co., Ltd.) was established in 1978 as a company that manufactures industrial robots. In 2012, current president Katsuyuki Hashimoto successfully developed a superheated steam reduction method which generates “active form of hydrogen surrounded by steam”.

In 2019, the company obtained Medical device manufacturing and sales license and a medical device manufacturing and sales business license in Japan. In order to further spread “suisonia” around the world, the company as renamed to Suisonia Co., Ltd. in 2020.

Corporate Site:https://suisonia.com

■ Contact Info
TEL: +81-93-617-3181
FAX: +81-93-617-3183
<Weekdays (GMT+9) 09:00~17:00 Excluding Holidays>

Suisonia Co., Ltd – Public Relations

■ Company Profile
Company Name :Suisonia Co., Ltd
Headquarter :3-5-56, Kongo, Yahatanishi-ku, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka., Japan
President :Katsuyuki Hashimoto
Established :1978
URL :https://suisonia.com/en
Line of Business :Medical Device Manufacturing, Industrial Robot Manufacturing, EnergyPod Japan Exclusive Distributor.

Suisonia Co., Ltd
+81 93-617-3181


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