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TOYO Corporation Announces EMI Measurement Software Limited Edition “ES10/LE”

New solution helps manufacturers reduce product development cycles and accelerate time to market

A pioneering force in the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) test system business for more than thirty years”


FREMONT, CA, UNITED STATES, December 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — TOYO Corporation, the parent company of TOYOTech, launches the “ES10/LE” software for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) measurements. The “LE” version joins the “ES10” family which includes the “ES10/RE” for radiated emission measurements, the “ES10/CE” for conducted emission measurements, and “ES10/VE” for automobile and on-vehicle equipment measurements.

Nearly all electronic equipment emits electromagnetic noise. However, when the level of such noise reaches a certain point, it may adversely affect the operation of other electronic equipment. Manufacturers spend a considerable amount of time validating that the level of electromagnetic noise emitted by their products stays at or below the levels set by the relevant standards. And they measure electromagnetic noise at different phases of the product development cycle to look out for and correct any interfering noise.

A pioneering force in the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) test system business for more than thirty years, TOYO develops and markets a variety of EMI measurement software based on three decades of cumulative knowledge and experience. TOYO has delivered over 2,000 licenses of the company’s market-leading EMI measurement software, the “EP” series, to support the compliance work of manufacturers around the globe. The “EP” series has been a pillar of the EMC testing community supporting a wide variety of EMI receivers and measurement equipment. The newly redesigned “ES10” series with their more user-friendly UIs, intuitive designs, and powerful functions have recently obsoleted the “EP” series.

The “ES10/LE” was developed specifically to make it easier for engineers to perform EMI measurements commonly conducted with a small anechoic box or an electric/magnetic field probe. The software can evaluate the measured electromagnetic noise in the time domain in addition to the conventional frequency domain. The time-domain-based evaluation can help visualize the cycle in which the electromagnetic noise appears, and the source of noise can be identified by locating the component that occurs in the same cycle.

The software also can compare multiple sets of measurement results, permitting an engineer to quickly determine the effectiveness of different migration techniques and strategies.

The key features include:
• Identify difficult to detect noise with the time domain scan feature
• Show differences between sets of measurement data
• Improved User Interface
• UI can be customized according to the user’s preference
• Save measurement data for up to 10 pre-defined locations

The “ES10/LE” software application is currently shipping. The company offers no-cost, no-obligation trials of the software for qualified customers to evaluate. Please contact us at info@toyotechus.com if you are interested in evaluating the “ES10/LE” software or if you would like more information.

About TOYO Corporation
Founded in 1953, TOYO Corporation (Head Office: Tokyo, Japan) contributes to technological innovations as a leading provider of advanced measurement solutions. Through its variety of business segments – ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), Automobiles, Energy, EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility), Ocean Defense and Security, Software Development, Life Science, and Information Security, the company is focused on providing solutions to emerging markets such as 5G network, clean energy, autonomous vehicle development. TOYO also makes significant R&D investments to develop in-house technologies and products. Its growth strategies include developing its market presence in the United States and China and TOYO has established subsidiaries in both of these important markets. By making available the most advanced market-based solutions, TOYO is at the forefront of helping to shape a safe and environmentally friendly society and develop industries. For more information, please visit the company’s website at https://www.toyo.co.jp/english/

About TOYOTech
TOYOTech, founded in Fremont, California, in 2015, is a wholly-owned local subsidiary of TOYO Corporation. TOYOTech provides the customers in the US and other countries with TOYO Corporation’s self-developed products incorporating the know-how and technologies accumulated over many decades, as well as TOYOTech’s own-developed products that are unique in the markets – these include test and measurement solutions for automobile, new materials, ICT, and EMC applications among others. At the same time, TOYOTech keeps a keen eye on the newly emerging technologies and up-to-date information in Silicon Valley, a holy site of innovation, actively collaborating with startups and seeking M&A opportunities. For more information, please visit the company’s website at https://toyotechus.com/

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