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New App Fit4All combines Fitness Tracking with over 70 of the most popular YouTube Workouts

Fit4All App

Fit4All App

Physiotherapists have rated the best workout videos from YouTube according to the respective muscle parts. This makes the app the perfect fitness coach.

With the app you can choose the perfect workout every day and have a balanced fitness at the end of the week, just like with a fitness coach. And that’s even for non-athletes!”

— Dr.-Ing. Alexander Rieger, App creator

BERLIN, GERMANY, December 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — There are many high-quality workout videos on YouTube with up to 50 million views and 500 thousand likes. Workouts are offered for every fitness level, whether beginner, advanced, overweight or retired. So why sign up for an expensive fitness app subscription when everything is freely available on YouTube? And with a friendly trainer who precisely demonstrates the exercise?

That’s what the App’s developer, Dr.-Ing. Alexander Rieger, thought. But what was missing was a good overview of the muscle groups trained so far. Because for a healthy overall fitness it is important not to train too one-sided and not to forget stretching exercises.

In the App, a weekly statistic shows which muscles have already been trained through daily activities like cycling, walking or running. There are scores for arms, abs, butt, chest, back, legs, shoulders and stretching. Missing muscle groups are then supplemented by workouts from YouTube. At the end of the week, at least seven points are needed in all areas and are rewarded with a medal for reaching the weekly goal. It doesn’t matter what the current fitness level is. Untrained people get the same number of points and medals for the beginner workouts as athletes get for their power workouts. A 28-day program can also be completed for each fitness level.

Get Fit4All now

The App is freely available for Android in the Play Store. An iOS version is still in development. Users can subscribe to the Facebook page to be notified when a launch date is set.

In the next version of the App, a connection with Google Fit and Apple Health is planned.

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Homepage: http://www.ChangeMyStyle.com
Product URL: http://changemystyle.com/gentlewakeup/more-apps/fit4all/
Direct Download Link Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.changemystyle.workout
Press Kit: http://www.changemystyle.com/gentle-wakeup/fit4all-presskit.zip

Information about the App developer
Dr. Alexander Rieger started as an indie developer in 1999 with photo effects for Windows computers, winning several awards over the years (http://www.graphics-tools.com). In 2012 he started developing Apps for iOS. Over 1000 photo effects and useful tools like “Paint My Wall” have been released since then (http://www.changemystyle.com). In 2016 he focused on Android Apps and has reached over half a million downloads with the light alarm clock “Gentle Wakeup” (http://changemystyle.com/gentlewakeup).

Alexander Rieger
+49 177 6069383


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