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Boebert Votes No on Protecting Moms Who Served Act

Boebert voted against S. 796. A bill requiring the Department of Veterans Affairs to implement the maternity care coordination program.

Our veterans deserve better than Mrs. Boebert.”

— Colin Wilhelm

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, COLORADO, U.S.A, November 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — S. 796 Protecting Moms Who Served act is a bill requiring the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to implement the maternity care coordination program. The VA must provide community maternity care providers (i.e., non-VA maternity care providers) with training and support for the unique needs of pregnant and postpartum veterans, including mental and behavioral health conditions related to service in the Armed Forces. Additionally, the Government Accountability Office must report on maternal mortality and severe maternal morbidity among pregnant and postpartum veterans, with a focus on racial and ethnic disparities for maternal health outcomes for veterans.

When Colin Wilhelm first heard of Lauren Boeberts inexcusable opposition to the bill, he had this to say, “I’m not surprised that Mrs. Boebert voted no on the Protecting Mom’s Who Served Act. Mrs. Boebert makes bold claims all the time about caring for our troops, but she has yet to walk the walk. She had an opportunity with this bill to back up her words and show her alleged support for veterans but that appears to be asking too much of Mrs. Boebert.”

Colin Wilhelm has been a long time advocate for mental and behavioral health and was especially pleased to see that S. 796 has included such services. Colin encourages all qualifying veterans to take advantage of these new services and hopes that we as a nation can continue to improve upon the care we provide to our veterans.

The passage of S. 796 proved that bipartisanship still exists and our government can function when it comes to issues that matter. Colin Wilhelm has never been afraid to reach across the isle and believes in a functioning government. People like Lauren Boebert are disruptors and have more interest in self promotion than providing for the people.

“I am very pleased that this bill passed despite opposition from Mrs. Boebert. This is not the first time her actions have gone beyond reason and unfortunately, it will not be her last. Our veterans deserve better than Mrs. Boebert.”

A functional, working government only exists when lawmakers work together, regardless of party affiliation, to focus on the issues that matter to the people. The division we see in todays politics will only continue to get worse unless we elect people who have the interests of the voters in mind. The people have had enough of this shameless self promoting behavior put on by lawmakers like Mrs. Boebert. Government exists for the benefit of all, not for one.

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