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ZXEREX Safe™ Supports Employee Retention with Rapid, Low Cost, Non-invasive, Fit-for-duty Screening

Deters Showing Up at Work Intoxicated or Impaired on Recreational Drugs

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, USA, December 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Being fit-for-duty is a critical element of a workplace safety program. ZXEREX Safe™ is a science-based technology that provides rapid impairment screening, especially for employees with jobs that involve significant workplace risk, and also for jobs where employees need to interact with the general public.

ZXEREX Safe™ impairment screening takes a minute or two and can be used often, including before, during, or after a work shift. Until now, employers have had to rely upon a supervisor’s personal observation and saliva or urine test to determine if an employee is drug-impaired. Given the problems of accurately detecting Marijuana impairment, ZXEREX Safe™ enables the employer to add a novel objective finding of intoxication. Since ZXEREX Safe™ can be used at any time, it will serve as a deterrent to employees who might otherwise show up impaired or become impaired on the job.

The presence of a drug such as Marijuana in urine or saliva doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is impaired or intoxicated at the time a urine test is performed. This happens because the drug remains in the body for a long time after use, causing a person to test positive even weeks later without being impaired. Many employers with zero-tolerance policies have had to discharge highly skilled employees with positive urine drug tests in the absence of actual intoxication at the time. This problem led to the development of ZXEREX Safe™, a screening technology that identifies temporary neurological impairment. With the eyes being an extension of the brain, Zxerex neuroscientists studied the effects of drugs on the brain’s control of voluntary and involuntary eye movements. The research led to the development of a characteristic drug signature for Marijuana which led to the development of ZXEREX Safe™ impairment screening. In addition to Marijuana, Zxerex Corporation has been working with researchers at a well-known medical center on an NIH/NIDA SBIR grant to develop a characteristic signature for opioid impairment.

According to Andrew Freedman of Forbes Tate, former Marijuana Czar of the State of Colorado, and a public policy advisor to Zxerex, “I have heard dozens of pitches about cannabis intoxication tests. Everybody would love to be the company that makes billions off figuring out this public safety and HR problem. What so impressed me with Zxerex compared to other companies was that they had the rare combination of scientific rigor and go-to-market strategy.”

ZXEREX Safe™ is a cloud-based fit-for-duty technology built by neuroscientists that when combined with a company’s employee safety program, helps to reduce workplace injuries and casualty losses, lower absenteeism rates, and increase workplace productivity.

We are seeking to help companies create safe, impairment-free workplaces, recognizing the need to respect the employee, support employee retention, and recruiting.

Please visit our website to learn more about ZXEREX Safe™ and to learn how your company can participate. For more information, visit us at http://www.zxerex.com or email info@zxerex.com or call 1-480-518-9905.

Richard Besserman
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