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What Makes an Exceptional Building Design? David Martin Discusses the 5 Design Principles that Define Excellence

Terra Owner David Martin of Miami Defines the 5 Design Qualities That Make for Better Buildings

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES , November 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Terra is a real estate development firm with properties across all asset classes. Its owner David Martin has learned a lot about building design over the years, and he weighs in on the top 5 qualities that make for truly exceptional structures.

The property development firm Terra stretches across all real estate, including multifamily residences, luxury condos, office buildings, hotels, and industrial property. While certainly defined under different asset classes, there’s more in common with functional buildings than might meet the eye. From single-family homes to nuclear power plants, Terra owner David Martin discusses what makes for better properties and how the principles translate to better real-world experiences.

1. A Good Balance

As in life, striking the right balance is absolutely critical to success. From color to size to texture, attention needs to be paid to how different elements are being used and what that will ultimately mean for the property. This doesn’t mean that a building needs to be perfectly symmetrical or even uniform throughout, but it does mean that each component should be scaled to reflect its importance.

For instance, if a largely neutral luxury condo developer wanted to incorporate hints of color, it could be done throughout as opposed to crammed into one corner. Should the designer want to highlight a certain section of the condo with color, they would pick a strategic area that serves to contrast the overall neutral color scheme. David Martin believes that balance doesn’t (and shouldn’t) mean copying designs. However, no matter what style of architecture it’s being applied to, there should be some degree of cohesion by the time the property is ready for its debut.

2. A Strong Scale

This design principle goes hand-in-hand with balance and is usually applied to the proportions of different parts of the building. Much like you wouldn’t place a tiny coffee table in a huge room because it would look out of place, property designers have to keep in mind how a small front door would look when designed for a 100-floor skyscraper.

From the height of the ceilings to the size of each room, proper design will factor in how these details fit with everything from the building envelope to the land it’s being built upon. For instance, a 5-acre industrial space may need to house several buildings to be fully operational. How the grounds are used in relation to employee workflow will have a direct impact on productivity. David Martin is known for his ability to spot discrepancies long before construction even breaks ground.

3. A Little Emphasis (Goes a Long Way)

Emphasis refers to the designer’s ability to call attention to certain parts of the property. When your eye is drawn to an element, it’s a way of differentiating one space from another. This is one of the most versatile design principles because it can be done with anything from shapes to colors to lines. Making a property stand out will affect how it’s perceived by everyone from passersby to those who have to interact with the building on a regular basis.

Examples can include:

A triangle art installation on a rectangular building
A bright red door in the middle of a white house
Themed buildings, such as circular or pyramid-shaped structures
A small stained glass window in the middle of a corner office
Martin knows that due to the sheer range of ideas under this category, the results can go either way. After all, your eye isn’t always drawn to certain elements for a good reason. He looks for designs that bring real value to the building.

4. The Right Use of Patterns

Patterns refer to how elements are repeated throughout a property, and they have a lot to do with how people relate to the building. For instance, an office building will have the same layout on every floor to create a sense of unity for everyone who uses it. Or a home might have the same color scheme in the hallways on every floor to highlight the repeating space. From organization to contrast, patterns play a big role in how the design flows.

David Martin of Miami will always look for patterns that provide as much utility as they do decoration. From the texture of the tiles on the floor to the shapes of the light fixtures used, patterns make it possible for people to become familiar with the property even if they’ve never encountered anything like it before. They can also serve to create a connection to the space, which can mean everything when it comes time to determine the building’s ROI.

5. Where the Design Is Moving

Movement of the design is also known as how your eyes move from one place of the property to another. Some properties are perfectly symmetrical, which will typically cause you to focus on the middle before your vision is drawn out to take in the building as a whole. If there’s emphasis anywhere, such as on the top of the building, then your eye will normally be drawn up before it’s brought back down.

No matter how your eyes move based on the design, David looks for properties that incorporate rhythm as logically as possible. If you’re immediately confused by a building or your view is haphazardly drawn from one oddity to the next, it might not make for the best first impression.

David Martin on Design Success

Design principles can be applied to anything, which is why learning the fundamentals is so important. One mistake can make buildings less desirable, which ultimately has big implications for everyone from homeowners to city dwellers. David has a property portfolio valued at more than $8 billion precisely because he’s mastered the art of design.

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