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“Way to Go!” as DonutAtwork.com Reflects First Year as a Global Site for WorkTech

Screenshot of DonutAtwork.com Homepage

Screenshot of Homepage

SINGAPORE, November 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Being a media site, DonutAtwork.com has never been shy from the public domain. Yet, this is the first time they are releasing such a statement in celebration of their first-year anniversary.

Having founded in 2020, DonutAtwork.com serves to be the global site for WorkTech content; WorkTech in this case, refers to ‘work-boosting technologies’. Henceforth, these WorkTech can mean anything from software and hardware, including those offered via the ‘as a Service’ model, for marketing, sales, lead generation, file storage, SEO, safety, video conferencing and many others.

Initially starting with only delivering content via their website, social media channels, and monthly e-newsletters, DonutAtwork.com had grew to offer free apps, a job board, and monthly software promotions in just a short one-year span. Not just what is offered, but DonutAtwork.com sees growth in subscription for their monthly e-newsletter, followers in their social media channels and site traffic too!

Reflecting on its growth, Mr Lucas Tan, Editor-in-Chief and Writer, DonutAtwork.com, said: “We absolutely loved seeing our readership and follower base grow, and with that, we drive ourselves to grow even more. It’s like passion meeting passion! This community too, had shown their willingness to continually work better through technologies. Way to go!

DonutAtwork.com would like to take this chance to Thank all their readers, subscribers and followers for the past one year. Moving forward, more offerings will be put in place following the conclusion of their annual reader survey.

Lastly, DonutAtwork.com urges everyone, and all working professionals to revel in the age of WorkTech. Stay tuned to DonutAtwork.com, and stay ahead!

PR Team @ DonutAtwork.com
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