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WA Johnson Inc Introduces New Product For Combine Owners, Duster Diverter

dust diverter installed on john deere combine

dust diverter installed WA Johnson Inc

WA Johnson Inc. Develops new product for combine tractors that promotes better visibility, safety and decreases downtime

I wouldn’t go to the field without it!”

— WA Johnson

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, UNITED STATES, October 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Owner Tim Johnson has a long history of developing products for use by farmers. From the popular Grain Saver Rock Guard to the well known Debris Deflector which is carried by many popular online farm retailers. You may have seen WA Johnson Inc at previous Farm Machinery Shows in Louisville, KY.

October 1, 2021- WA Johnson Inc. would like to formally announce the release of the new W.A. Johnson’s Combine Feederhouse Dust Diverter available on our website, www.wajohnson.com/dust-diverter. The new Dust Diverter is the first – and the original – dust diversion device on the market. The only hydraulically driven, metal formed, dust diversion device on the market. When asked about the benefits of the new Dust Diverter Tim Johnson, owner lists; Increased visibility, Keeps cab windshield and filters cleaner, reducing maintenance time, Reduce radiator clogs, Facilitate uninterrupted operation, Safely extend the work day, Easy installation with a wrench
Perfect for day and night time use!

The Dust Diverter increases safety and productivity. Just a few benefits are:
Increased visibility
Safely extend the work day
Keeps cab windshield and filters cleaner, reducing maintenance time
Reduce radiator clogs
Facilitate uninterrupted operation
Can field-install with a 7/16″ and 9/16″ wrench only

The Dust Diverter can be installed in about 30 minutes or less on any John Deere combine, including models dating back to the 7700.

To Order Or Request Information: The Dust Diverter for new John Deere S series combines you can call directly at 1-800-523-3979 or visit www.WaJohnson.com to request an order. Pricing starts at $4,995 and can be powder coated.

Another memorable product from WA Johnson Inc. is their Debris Deflector. The Debris Deflector keeps unwanted grain overflow off of the feederhouse and back into the header. Just a few benefits are…Prevents debris build up around hydraulic cylinders and sensor linkage on Field Tracker and Contour Master
Prevents rain on top of feederhouse causing mush or rust in area. To order contact us through our website below.

More About WA Johnson Inc. We cater to farmers and are always looking for new ideas, new products we can manufacture, that make harvesting easier.
Customer service is of the utmost importance as we understand the tight knit farming community.

All of our genuine W.A. Johnson products, as well as the NEW Air Filter Blaster, come with a 100% money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with a product, if it doesn’t perform like we say it will, give us a call.
Tim Johnson – WA Johnson President

Tim Johnson
WA Johnson Inc.
+1 502-299-9828
Visit us on social media:


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