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Therap’s Community Employment E-Tools Developing and Using a Job Bank

WATERBURY, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, November 12, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Therap’s E-Tools workflow for Community Based Employment was and continues to be developed in conjunction with Therap users and Therap staff employment experts. As part of Therap’s Community Employment System. The job bank is built in several pieces:

– Employer
– Contact Person
– Job Template
– Contact Information

The Employer section allows organizations that have employment opportunities and are open to community employment to be entered or imported.

The Contact section identifies individuals at identified employers who are aware of an organization’s Community Employment program and are identified as the initial point of contact for program questions or interactions.

The Job Template section is the core section that links jobs to individuals. The Job Template section identifies the employer and employer address, the job category, and a position title. The details specific to the position title are also identified including benefits the employer offers, the average hourly wage, the average hourly work hours, the work schedule, the work shift, skills needed for the position, the position requirements, is the position currently open, and a general description of the position. Some of the fields are free form but whenever possible the fields are dropdown selections, for example skills and requirements so that jobs that mesh with an individual’s skills can be easily identified.

The Contact/Interaction section maintains a record of the contacts with an employer and a summary of the contact.

The continued development of Therap’s Job Bank has greatly facilitated working with individuals to achieve community employment by creating a way to evaluate an individual’s goals, work availability, and skills with available jobs. There is no guarantee of a community job, but the Job Bank E-Tools focus the process and the stored and usable data for community job placement for one individual helps the entire program.

For more information on Therap’s community employment E-Tools go to https://www.therapservices.net/products/e-solution-for-voc-rehab-and-community-employment-services/

About Therap:
Therap Services provides secure, web-based documentation, communication and electronic billing services to HCBS providers across the United States. Learn more: http://www.therapservices.net.

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