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Textures & Backgrounds Store

Textures & Backgrounds Store

Textures and Backgrounds Store

Textures and Backgrounds Store

Shop office workspace interior

Shop office workspace interior

Textures.world offers a collection of high quality textures and backgrounds for independent designers and studios.

We make modern backgrounds & classic textures using trend colours and gradients. A new product always deliver positive emotions, but good colour and texture can bring admiration to customer.”

— Alexander Nedviga

SAINT-PETERBURG, LENINGRADSKAYA OBLAST, RUSSIA, October 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Textures.world offers a collection of high quality textures and backgrounds for independent designers and studios. These materials will help aspiring and experienced artists create exclusive projects. With them, it is easy to develop a stylish graphic design for any object.

Good quality textures are an easy way to make a graphic project or website more effective. The neutral background does not attract attention and does not reflect the essence of the idea. A skillfully selected thematic surface, without words, declares what the project was created for, what its purpose is. The store’s collection contains a wide variety of textures and backgrounds:

1. Wood. This kind of texture and background is considered classic, relevant for use in projects of various orientations. The site catalog contains many options: from imitation of logs to just an image of different types of wood. For example, mahogany, bamboo strips, spruce, oak, walnut, etc.

2. Sand. Amazingly realistic backgrounds for new projects. The collection includes 14 different textures depicting grains of sand. They are ideal for creating backgrounds for posters, flyers, postcards, software applications, website backgrounds, or wallpapers.

3. In the form of stones. The minerals of pomegranate, citrine, jade, smoky quartz, agate, lapis lazuli, coral, obsidian, jasper and others are presented in all popular angles and locations of stones on different surfaces. There are options with randomly scattered stones or evenly spaced, split into half of the image for easy adding of the inscription. With textures like this, the artwork looks impressive and professional.

4. Metallic. The collection contains brass, gold, silver, and scratched and corrugated metal backgrounds. Thematic use of these texture variations is varied. Silver and gold look elegant and impressive. Draws attention to elements placed against such a background. Other surfaces look original, making the overall composition unique.

5. Materials. This category includes classic and original variations. These include seamless denim surfaces, knitted weaves, snakeskin and crocodile skin. Suitable for use as background textures for games, posters, advertisements, software, applications, websites.

There are more than 230 high-resolution textures in the Textures.world store catalog. Their cost is quite affordable, which can be called an additional plus. The use of textures in web design is one of the main techniques for creating impressive designs for various objects. To make a high-quality seamless background yourself, you need certain skills, time and base. Ready-made options will help you focus on creativity.

Alexander Alexandrovich Nedviga
Textures & Backgrounds Store
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