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Tessera Data Emerges as a Leading People Data Provider

Tessera Data

Tessera Data

Industry leaders join forces to disrupt background screening with comprehensive, direct-source data solutions for workplace and community safety.

IRVINE, CA, UNITED STATES, December 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — RapidCourt, Themis Data Solutions, and TML Information Services, three prominent people-risk data companies, have joined forces as Tessera Data to bring together their unified offerings enabling risk management professionals and organizations the ability to conduct more thorough background screenings.

The companies behind Tessera have been long standing leaders in the background screening industry and provide people-risk data to some of the largest CRAs and online communities. By uniting as Tessera, they are bringing together over 150 innovative, highly-skilled data experts from all aspects of the background screening and data-collection industries to increase accessibility to data across the United States with more sources, additional access points, and extensive full-scope solutions.

Introducing Tessera Data – a leading people data provider

Tessera Data will continue to use proprietary technology and deep data expertise to reveal the true value of information through critical people-data solutions, including criminal databases, automated real-time court record searches, motor vehicle record searches, and continuous criminal monitoring.

“The merging of our companies into Tessera symbolizes the bringing together of best-in-class data sources and operations to move the background screening industry into the future,” said Erik Brue, CEO of Tessera Data. “What previously took many providers, processes, and touch points can now be done faster, with greater accuracy and completeness, through the combined people-risk data of Tessera, allowing our customers to see tangible improvements in their background screening research. It’s one of many steps we’re taking towards our overarching goal of building safer communities, online and offline.”

With these three background screening data providers now joined as one, Tessera becomes one of the largest providers of people-risk data, with access to thousands of direct data sources that cover over 98% of the United States population.

About Tessera Data
Tessera Data is a leading people-risk data provider committed to ending the chaos of fragmented background screening data using deep institutional knowledge that turns the rapid retrieval, mapping, and delivery of data into an art form. Offering an instant criminal database that covers 98% of the United States population; real-time, automated screening solutions across criminal, court, and motor vehicle records; and continuous monitoring solutions, Tessera extracts the essential details from critical background data for better informed people-risk decisions that help keep communities safe.

For more information and inquiries, please visit tesseradata.com or contact info@tesseradata.com.
Media Contact: marketing@tesseradata.com.

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Tessera Data
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