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Singer-Songwriter Michael Tinholme Connects with Grief on Heartfelt Single

I Don’t Want to Cry for You Anymore – Cover Artwork

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I Don’t Want to Cry for You Anymore
Featuring Andy Wood-lead Guitar & Eric Sittner-Bass

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Artist: Michael Tinholme
Title: I Don’t Want to Cry for You Anymore
Release: Many Roads EP Coming Winter 2022!
F.F.O: Paul McCartney-The Who- Peter Gabriel


Anyone looking for the next great Rock & Roll Masterpiece
this is the song for you!

This year, singer-songwriter Michael Tinholme follows his wildly successful run of releases with his most personal single yet – I Don’t Want to Cry for You Anymore. An epic Rock and Roll ballad, the single calls to mind any close ones we have lost and keeps their memory alive through the power of music.

“When writing this music, I had some moving lyrics to work with by Donna Nestor. Dedicated to, and in loving memory of her husband and father to their four beautiful children, James. He was also my friend…”

A career best performance from Michael Tinholme!!

The personal subject matter reaps undeniably moving results.

This acclaimed artist spellbinds with an emotive vulnerability.

“For me this song is for all those who carry the love and loss for someone.

And we, who will never forget them.”

Such rawness should be expected from Tinholme who unfortunately has battled through a life more difficult than most. Having made his way through abuse in his upbringing, and a life on the streets in his youth, Tinholme’s escape was always music. Today, Michael is proud to share collaborators whose professional company includes Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, and Quincy Jones. He is prouder still of his work with Covenant House a NYC based organisation. Michael has mentored young adults there, introducing them to music and is a frequent speaker.

Joining Tinholme on the single is a band of All Star Greats that provide rip-roaring guitars, otherworldly drums, and unforgettable keys.

“I thought of time and how it can flex and contort, and in grief, stand still. Frozen in a moment that has passed. I thought of memories flooding back and disappearing and the wanting to cling to them, as to never forget. And how it seems now, in our world there are too many more to remember.” – Michael Tinholme

“Michael Tinholme’s story is the stuff dreams are made of or legends.
It’s the stuff that happens in movies”.
Tom Berg, USA Today

‘I Don’t Want to Cry for You Anymore’
From Singer Songwriter
Michael Tinholme

Words & Music by
Michael Tinholme and Donna Nestor
Arrangement by Kim Hansen

Produced by Michael Tinholme and
Dennis Moody

Blue Planet Records
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US 818-590-9364

Eric Sittner-Bass
Gary Novak-Drums
Kim Hansen-Keyboards
Mike Miller-Guitar Master
Michael Tinholme-Guitar
Andy Wood-Lead Guitar
Michael Tinholme-Vocal

Michael Wolstenholme
+1 8185909364
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