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George Jacob congratulating Avery Fischer on her achievement

President & CEO George Jacob announces Young Ocean Ambassador

It is the efforts of the younger generation like Avery, who bring attention to the rich marine biodiversity in the San Francisco Bay and the need to protect the fragile ecosystems that sustain life.”

— George Jacob

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 29, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — After a 2-year hiatus, The Commonwealth Club and the University of San Francisco’s School of Management are pleased to reinstate the Innovate for Good annual conference, an event where the intersection of business and social good for mitigating climate change.

In an increasingly digital and global economy, our cities and organizations are at a unique inflection point, where the most pressing issue of our time is how we sustain our planet. Evident in the proceedings of COP 26 in Glasgow, was the synergistic need for public and private accelerated innovations in energy, clean tech, fintech, and technology toward climate resilience that was both viable and balanced. Innovate for Good conference is an annual symposium that brings together founders, CEOs, investors, academics, and nonprofit and government leaders who are taking sustainable action to shape a better tomorrow.

Honoring young Avery Fisher for becoming the youngest underwater magician in the San Francisco Aquarium of the Bay, President & CEO George Jacob remarked, “it is efforts of the younger generation and young ocean ambassadors like Avery, who bring attention to the rich marine biodiversity in the San Francisco Bay and the need to protect the fragile ecosystems that sustain life.” Avery’s father Jon Fisher started collaborating with the Aquarium of the Bay during the pandemic to launch the first successful crypto adoption and auction at any aquarium in the United States, of its marine collections. This unique innovative program launched on polygon block chain to minimize carbon footprint is the first of its kind and most successful in its platform. San Francisco- a city that spawned the birth of United Nations- is now leading the way towards ‘united nature’ with the unveiling of the vision for the world’s first comprehensive living museum dedicated to climate resilience and ocean conservation.

The $260 million transformation of the existing 25 year old Smithsonian affiliated Aquarium, was hailed by First Lady Dr. Jill Biden as an important generational step in the right direction for educating and inspiring us to act. The 160,000 sq.ft iridescent bio-mimetic architecture is inspired by fish scales, Ohlone shell-mounds and rippling ocean waves. Situated a mile away from the historic Alcatraz prison, the climate ecotarium will sit on a 3 acre green complex embedded with exhibit experiences. Even as meta-narrative engages native American voices as the pioneers in environmental stewardship, the living museum will collaborate with the silicon valley tech talent in a string of learning platforms, machine learning and artificial intelligence tools, which has now gained momentum in the post-covid contactless learning environments. At the heart of the climate museum is an enhanced salt-water aquarium that offers the ocean as a lens to a living lab.

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