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Sci Fi Author Calvin B. Fisher’s The Northfield Saga: Apocalypse Bounty to be released by Headline Books on November 2nd

The Northfield Saga: Apocalypse Bounty

Calvin B. Fisher

“A Fantastic and Impressive Work” – Christopher Garcia, Journey Planet

Headline Books is a great fit for The Northfield Saga, and I’m excited to introduce the characters and world to new readers and have them plunge into the apocalypse on November 2nd!”

— Calvin B. Fisher

DENVER, CO, USA, October 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Apocalypse Bounty, the 1st book in Sci Fi Author Calvin B. Fisher‘s The Northfield Saga series will be released by publisher Headline Books on November 2nd.

Apocalypse Bounty is an action-packed page-turner following the life of Mark Northfield, operating as a lone mercenary employed by a shadowy organization. His only comfort is the memory of his dead wife, and he lives by two final promises to her: never let go of life, and never let the world turn him into someone worse than the man she married. When a vengeful adversary blackmails Northfield into an assassination mission, his hope of keeping both vows shatters. If he refuses to complete the mission, he faces execution. He must either accept his death or corrupt himself. More lies in his decision than the state of his soul. Unknown to him, his target holds the key to saving the world.”

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