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Royal 4 Systems provides METRC support

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Supply Chain Solution for Cannabis

Supply Chain Solution for Cannabis

Royal 4 Systems METRC compliant software streamlines data management activities thus allowing cannabis companies to focus on daily operations.

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATED, May 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Royal 4 Systems is proud to announce METRC (Marijuana Tracking Reporting & Compliance) support.

Because of the complication and constant evolution of the cannabis industry, many organizations turn to Royal 4 Systems METRC-compliant software which automates the seed-to-sale regulated chain of custody reporting required by state and federal law.

Royal 4 Systems process-driven METRC compliant software streamlines data management activities allowing you to focus your attention on growing, processing, packaging, distribution, and sales of cannabis products.

Royal 4 Systems approach is to be the data originator, as a result, cannabis companies stand to significantly reduce opportunities for human error while gaining much more granular visibility into inventory and business processes thanks to the inherent strengths of Royal 4’s all-in-one WMS/ERP software – WISEcannabis.

Royal 4 Systems sequence-driven METRC API integration designed with built in outage recovery gives cannabis companies including multi state operators greater assurance that end-user actions are tracked and documented across both systems accurately and timely. Each transaction made to the system can be traced back to the individual.

About Royal 4 Systems: Royal 4 provides a full suite of end-to-end supply chain software solutions for over 38 years, that enable supply chain optimization for companies worldwide. Royal 4’s WISEcannabis software provides an all-in-one WMS/ERP solution that works tightly together to provide material tracking by lot and serial number through the complete manufacturing process. We know that establishing increased yields and cost reduction are your top priorities. Our platform will manage your plants with precision and insight to calculate COGS, predict future yield, future demand and METRC support: https://www.royal4.com/cannabis-software/

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