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rf2 Sports Meditation Announces the Launch of the Ergonomic Multi-Chamber Meditation Cushion Snug on Kickstarter

Picture of a SNUG multi-chamber meditation cushion

SNUG multi-chamber meditation cushion

Snug features an innovative 2-cushion-4-chamber system, designed to solve all seat related problems – it’s a game changer for meditators.

WEINHEIM, BADEN-WUERTTEMBERG, GERMANY, October 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Weinheim, Germany – rf2 Sports Meditation today launched a Kickstarter campaign for the multi-chamber meditation cushion SNUG, designed to solve all seat related problems. Featuring an innovative 2-cushion-4-chamber system, it’s a game changer for meditators.

“Mindfulness meditation is a mega trend but many fail to establish a daily routine because of sitting issues and poor posture. Pain in the back, joints or legs really can ruin your whole meditation experience,” said Jan Koerting, founder of rf2 Sports Meditation.

“SNUG allows you to meditate comfortably without drifting in awkward postures. It supports sitting free of pressure points, tall, upright, stable and snug-fit even in dedicated long sessions.”

Curiously enough, traditional meditation cushions often make you feel like sitting on top of an egg, instead of bucket-like sitting. This way many tend to slouch and the spine loses its natural alignment. Discomfort, lateral instability and painful pressure points are the immediate result.

SNUG features a bucket seat shape with distinctive back and pelvis support, providing excellent all-around stability for the body. Four separate chambers, a main cushion and an additional back support cushion create a perfect seat contour and provide optimal body support. This leads to less lateral movements, a firm sitting and calmed senses with less distraction.

SNUG is made of 100% premium cotton and supports all body sizes as well as all traditional cross-legged postures. It is suitable for beginners with restricted mobility as well as advanced practitioners with more flexible and open hips.

Sit snug-fit and take your meditation routine to the next level.

For more information visit rf2 Sports Meditation on Kickstarter or see the homepage.

About rf2 Sports Meditation
rf2 SPORTS MEDITATION is a southern Germany based startup. Together with other meditators and external specialists, we develop innovative products for meditation with a contemporary & sporty approach. Since 2019 we have also been offering meditation courses. “rf2” stands for release, focus and flow – probably the shortest guide to meditation.

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Jan Koerting
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