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Remove Atmospheric Methane to Cool the Planet. This New Method is Efficient, Natural and Safe.

Cooling the Climate with Iron Salt Aerosol

Enhanced Atmospheric Methane Oxidation

Enhanced Atmospheric Methane Oxidation (EAMO) can reduce global temperatures by 0.4 degrees.

KREUZLINGEN, THURGAU, SCHWEIZ, October 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Remove Atmospheric Methane to Cool the Planet by 0.4 degrees
It is efficient, natural and safe

The climate crisis calls for immediate action. Enhanced Atmospheric Methane Oxidation (EAMO) can reduce global temperatures by 0.4 degrees. AMR has developed technology for the dispersion of aerosols cooling the planet.

Methane (CH₄) accounts for 40% of current global warming. One ton of methane is equivalent to 28 tons of CO₂ – regarding its Global Warming Potential over 100 years. The atmosphere contains 150% more methane than it did in 1850. Methane, unlike CO₂, oxidises in the atmosphere – it breaks into CO₂ and water.

To oxidise methane two elements are needed, sunlight and a catalyst. The catalyst provides a chlorine atom which starts the oxidation but is not consumed by it – and can invoke the process again and again. Sunlight is needed as energy source. This natural process happens every day.

AMR has developed technology which allows the dispersion of a natural catalyst, Iron Salt Aerosol, from decommissioned oil-platforms. The operation requires 20 decommissioned oil-platforms to be transformed to ´Methane Removal Platforms´ (MRP). One element of each MRP is a high steel-lattice tower, which will disperse the aerosol at 150-250 m height above sea level. The energy needed for the dispersion will come from wind-turbines located near the MRP.

The MRPs will be placed at locations in the subtropic oceans. Each platform disperses around 45,000 tons of aerosol per year. The process is scalable and its effects can be monitored by satellites. The cost of the material and its dispersion would be around 2,000 USD / ton of material.

The aerosol has beneficial effects in the atmosphere as well as on the ocean. Iron fertilizes the ocean, this way EAMO enhances photosynthesis, nature’s way to remove CO₂.

EAMO cannot solve the climate crisis completely. It is, however, a solution which can put immediate brakes on global warming in a safe, efficient and natural way. Rebuilding the global carbon-driven economy will take at least 50 years, we cannot wait that long. Immediate solutions require bold and unusual action, very much like the Covid-crisis did. AMR offers the means to do so.

AMR is a small Swiss engineering company – unable to solve the problem alone. Help from industry, governments and individuals is needed to tackle the world’s greatest problem, the climate crisis.

Oswald Petersen
Atmospheric Methane Removal AG

For more information please refer to our website https://amr.earth.

Oswald Petersen


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