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Regional Supply Provides Several Ways to Restyle Any Vehicle

Regional Supply announces 74 years in business

Regional Supply announces 74 years in business

Vehicle graphics are a great way to advertise using a full wrap or partial graphics.

At Regional Supply, we sell top-quality vehicle wraps that last up to eight years. Durable material means the images won’t scratch easily and there is less chance of wrinkling and bubbling.”

— Lawrence Wiscombe, General Manager

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, UNITED STATES, November 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Vehicle graphics are a great way to advertise, using a full wrap or partial graphics. Whether it’s for a business, or just to change things up, automotive restyling can have old cars looking new. There are a variety of different ways that this can be achieved from full wraps, to partial, all the way to color changing film.

“At Regional Supply, we sell top-quality vehicle wraps that last up to eight years,” said Regional Supply General Manager Lawrence Wiscombe. “The more durable material means the images won’t scratch easily and there is less chance of wrinkling and bubbling during installation or after. Whether it is for your personal vehicle or to represent your business, our customers love their new looks!”

Here are a few of the ways available to customize a car:

Automotive Restyling
Automotive restyling is a fun way to change things up. Whether it is changing a grey car to hot pink, adding tint to windows, or business advertising on the side of a vehicle, there are a variety of products to achieve each goal. There are a variety of different ways that this can be achieved, and it is best to consult with a professional to make sure the outcome is perfect and the products are good.

Color Change Film
Maybe a car is just old, maybe it’s slightly unattractive or starting to turn grey. There’s an easy solution. Getting a car wrapped is easier and faster than getting a car painted. Plus, it’s removable! Just peel off the vinyl when it’s time to trade the car in. In the meantime, enjoy the envious stares.

Automotive shops can diversify their offerings by adding color wrap film to their menu of services.

Car Paint Protection Film
Currently, 200 million people are Googling car paint protection film. A car is a major investment, and American car owners want to protect that investment. Car paint protection film is cheaper than building a garage. More and more people are willing to lay out the cash to protect their car from sunlight, debris, bird droppings, acid rain, tree sap, insects and other hazards that can mar a car’s finish.

Providing car paint protection film can be invaluable to customers. They probably don’t realize just how much value their car will retain when they eventually trade it in! All automotive restyling shops should consider offering these services.

Best Car Window Tint Film
Automotive window tint film prevents glare from the sun, keeps a car cooler in summer and protects privacy. But most customers decide to get tinted windows because they look cool. Everyone wants to know who’s behind that window tint. Is it Beyoncé? Tom Brady? Prince Harry?

“Regional Supply’s car window tint film provides the shield your customers want at the right price,” said Wiscombe.

Car Wrap Film for Advertising
Vehicle wrap kits can be difficult and a daunting task. Regional Supply offers vehicle wrap kits that are easy to work with and extremely durable. As any good installer knows, all car wraps are not created equal. Cheaper, paper-thin wraps won’t last long, and customers will end up unhappy. Added UV protection ensures long lasting images with no fading.

Installation is a breeze, with these vehicle wraps easily conforming to irregular surfaces and clinging tightly to vehicle curves. The wraps remove easily and cleanly as well. If installing for a fleet, customers will appreciate knowing how easy it will be to make any necessary changes down the road.

About Regional Supply
Regional Supply specializes in wholesale supply to screen printers, large format digital printers, electric and vinyl sign makers and installers, and a wide variety of plastics users. We carry over 10,000 items for your business from vinyl, inks and neon, to plastic sheets, transformers, screens and lamps. We take pride in keeping our customers up to date on the latest technology and knowledge the industry with hands-on educational classes on many different subjects and products. Founded in 1946, we value relationships and don’t just sell products–we take care of our customers through technical support, daily delivery and a personal sales staff. To quote our founder Art Mendenhall, “We are in business to solve peoples’ problems.”

Learn more by visiting www.regionalsupply.com, emailing us at support@regionalsupply.com, or giving us a call at (800)-365-8920.


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