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Regional Supply Explains Different Types of Vinyl and Their Uses

Regional Supply announces 74 years in business

Regional Supply announces 74 years in business

When it comes to customizing products, whether it’s clothing, shoes, bags, backpacks or other items, the easiest and best way is with heat transfer vinyl.

Regional Supply is one of the largest suppliers of vinyl material in the Intermountain West. The uses are only limited by your imagination!”

— Lawrence Wiscombe, General Manager

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, UNITED STATES, December 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Vinyl and foils allow businesses to produce eye-catching designs and take advantage of the versatility these mediums offer. Manufacturers are constantly extending the definition of cutting edge, and the result is an easy-to-use product that dresses any design in a rainbow of color.

Regional Supply is one of the largest suppliers of vinyl material in the Intermountain West,” said Lawrence Wiscombe, general manager. “Stocking 35 different series of vinyl film available in various lengths and widths, this extensive inventory represents over 750 colors. The uses are only limited by your imagination!”

Foils are designed for use with a thermal transfer printing system, and create the needed consistency when matching popular paint, vinyl and ink colors.
When it comes to customizing products, whether it’s clothing, shoes, bags, backpacks or other items, the easiest and best way to do it is with heat transfer vinyl. HTV produces clear, colorful, striking images that last through many washes. Regional Supply offers heat transfer vinyl in a variety of different styles to match application needs. Listed below are some of the options available:

Solid Color Heat Transfer Vinyl
Regional Supply carries HTV vinyl in a selection of solid colors in varying quantities. Ordering HTV in bulk and using a cutting tool is the most economical way to customize T-shirts and other textiles, including leather.

Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl
For a touch of glamour, order glitter heat transfer vinyl, available in more than 30 colors. It’s perfect to make memorable take-homes for kids’ parties including bar and bat mitzvahs, for practice and casual wear for cheer and dance teams, as a scouting project, to emblazon textiles as an advertising tool for business and many other uses.

Digital Print and Cut Heat Transfer Vinyl
This HTV product allows one to print any design they can imagine — a company or team logo, unique designs to sell online or at shows, merch for events, commemorative uses and more. These designs are easy to cut and weed, so the final product always comes out looking great.

Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl
Holographic HTV vinyl gives textiles the kind of depth that can’t be found in ordinary HTV. Whether one chooses rainbow, silver, pearl or another color, the results will be fantastic. Realistic rhinestone patterns can even be printed — without the hassle of adding each piece individually, and without the fear that one or two will fall off and spoil a shirt’s look.

Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl
Metallic HTV gives designs a shiny, reflective quality, perfect for the most eye-catching designs. Most of our metallic HTV products are easy to wash after application and will not crack or delaminate.

Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl
Flock HTV makes textiles look like they have been embroidered with a name, slogan or logo. The raised, textured letters feel like soft, fuzzy suede, and don’t have to worry about peeling or cracking when washing the items.

Heat Presses, Tools & Accessories
Set yourself up for success with Regional Supply’s tools for applying heat transfer vinyl. HTV can be applied to all kinds of textiles, including cotton, polyester and even leather. While some users may choose to use an iron; it’s faster, easier and more reliable to use a press. A Teflon sheet protects garments from heat, so there’s no scorching.

About Regional Supply
Regional Supply specializes in wholesale supply to screen printers, large format digital printers, electric and vinyl sign makers and installers, and a wide variety of plastics users. We carry over 10,000 items for business from vinyl, inks and neon, to plastic sheets, transformers, screens and lamps. We take pride in keeping our customers up to date on the latest technology and knowledge the industry with hands-on educational classes on many different subjects and products. Founded in 1946, we value relationships and don’t just sell products–we take care of our customers through technical support, daily delivery and a personal sales staff. To quote our founder Art Mendenhall, “We are in business to solve peoples’ problems.”

Learn more by visiting www.regionalsupply.com, emailing us at support@regionalsupply.com, or giving us a call at (800)-365-8920.


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