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Quinly Wireless Hub Runs Multiple 3D Printers Solves Raspberry Pi Shortage for 3DQue Customers

3DQue Systems Inc. today announced the Quinly Wireless Hub, a powerful microprocessing unit capable of running Quinly software on multiple printers.

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, November 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Vancouver, BC (Nov 24, 2021) — 3DQue Systems Inc. today announced the Quinly Wireless Hub, a powerful microprocessing unit capable of running Quinly software on multiple printers. This new solution is welcome news for engineers, makers, and entrepreneurs who want to automate their printers and print farms but have been struggling to source Raspberry Pi’s to run the software.

The Quinly Wireless Hub is a plug-and-play solution that comes with everything customers need to get Quinly software up and running on any printer in just a few minutes. Once installed, Quinly identifies which printers are connected, selects the correct profile for each, and is immediately ready to start printing.

With a microcontroller that is not much bigger than a credit card, the powerful Quinly Wireless Hub supports Quinly’s growing suite of automation features, including an infinite print queue, real-time status updates, gcode file storage and transmission, machine-vision failure detection, and all of the data required to seamlessly run printers and print farms.

“Quinly was originally developed to run on the Raspberry Pi 4, however due to the global chip shortage, they are difficult and expensive to source.” says Mateo Pekic, Co-Founder at 3DQue, “In addition, Quinly automation allows our customers to run more printers with less labour, driving demand for increased computing power. The Quinly Wireless Hub allows our customers to cost-effectively scale their automated printing.”

The Quinly Wireless Hub is an optional upgrade to every Quinly kit, improving sustainability by reducing excess shipping and packaging.

Having a reliable hardware platform with consistent availability opens up exciting new increases in efficiency, productivity and the ability to cost-effectively scale 3D printing for mass production. 3DQue will be inviting Beta Testers to try out the Quinly Wireless Hub multi-printer support capabilities starting January 5, 2022.

Quinly Wireless Hub will be available on Black Friday, November 26, 2021. For more information, visit the 3DQue shop.

About 3DQue Systems: 3DQue Systems is a technology startup focused on automating 3D printers, making high-volume production and innovation more available to engineers, entrepreneurs, and makers around the world. The 3DQue YouTube channel Perpetual Printing and the Automated Printing Community on Discord are resources for people interested in high-volume 3D printing and 3D printer automation. For more information, contact mattea@3dque.com

Mattea Sharp
3DQue Systems Inc.


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