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Pawthereum and Thug Pugs Work Together to Save Senior Dogs with Crypto Donations to Muttville


SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, December 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Pawthereum, an animal welfare focused cryptocurrency project, has been on a charitable giving streak during the holiday season. This streak continues today with a $25,000 donation to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco, California. This donation marks Pawthereum’s fifth in five days as part of their “12 Days of Crypto Giving” campaign. They are joined on this donation by Thug Pugs, a pug themed NFT project, who added an additional 2 Ethereum.

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue cares for senior and special needs dogs. They work to find these dogs new homes and offer end of life care to dogs that aren’t able to be adopted. Muttville is highly rated by nonprofit watchdog organizations and they have been lauded for innovations such as their cage-free facility, foster program, on-site veterinary suite, and hospice program. Muttville has rescued over 9,000 dogs and has been featured in several prominent news publications for the rescue work they have done.

Pawthereum and Thug Pugs did a donation drive last weekend in addition to the donations today. The drive raised roughly $1,500 that will pay for a needed surgery to fix severe dental disease affecting one of Muttville’s senior dogs, Pippa.

“Muttville is truly grateful that the Pawthereum and Thug Pugs communities raised funds for Pippa the Pug’s dental procedure!” said a Muttville representative. “Pippa has severe dental disease from being neglected and was brought to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue underweight, probably because her mouth hurt too much to eat. Her dental is now scheduled and we’re excited to see this senior dog gain weight and feel good again. Despite her discomfort, 11-year-old Pippa is a friendly dog who loves people and other dogs. Pippa’s Community Drive was a huge success and we thank you for joining paws with Muttville’s senior dogs. Wags of gratitude to you all!”

Pawthereum has now donated $100,000 over the course of five consecutive days as part of their December donation campaign.

“We’re working to change the nature of charitable giving and be a new type of trusted charity partner for a digital future,” said Pawthereum project leader Nawzad Amiri. “Pawthereum has been showcasing the global fundraising power of blockchain technology, and we hope our leadership in this mission will inspire hundreds and thousands of others to follow our path. Each organization we donate to has an important mission. Muttville Senior Dog Rescue does innovative and amazing rescue work, so we’re proud to donate to them as part of our 12 Days of Crypto Giving campaign.”

The Thug Pugs NFT collection consists of 1,250 unique, randomly generated pug inspired creatures. All art assets by Thug Pugs are hand-drawn and scanned in high resolution.

“Pawthereum is proud to partner with the Thug Pugs NFT project this ‘pawliday’ season to jointly support and donate to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue,” said Myk, a community developer for Pawthereum. “They have an awesome team, an awesome community, and big hearts that have wanted to give back to help animals since before their first mint. Senior rescue dogs often struggle to find permanent homes, and by working together we’re going to help make it a little easier for pugs like Pippa and many others to get adopted this winter. Thank you Thug Pugs!”

Pawthereum has been busy forming friendships with animal welfare organizations around the world, donating over $375,000 since the project launched in October of 2021. Their 12 Days of Crypto Giving campaign for the December ‘pawlidays’ will help dozens of species of pets and wild animals in over 20 countries across 5 continents. For more information about Pawthereum and their mission to bring crypto technology to the animal welfare space to save more animals, visit www.pawthereum.com.

Nawzad Amiri


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