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Nexgen adds groundbreaking AI-Curated Recommended Class Activities (RCAs) for neoClassroom users

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 2, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Nexgen English Online Co. released today a new industry-leading feature for its neo English language learning platform. neo’s RCA algorithm analyzes the study points, current CEFR level, and the lessons completed by each student in a class, then generates a ‘just in time’ best lesson plan for that class.

“This unique feature saves teachers time, and thanks to neo’s AI, it simplifies a complex process. The teacher clicks a few buttons on their dashboard, and neo generates a class plan designed to help students master the ‘Can-Do’ concepts, grammar, and vocabulary needed to pass their Certificate test,” says Ian Adam, nexgen’s President.

There are 13 or more RCAs for each neo certification level, and the RCA algorithm adapts to accommodate the needs of a class of English learners at any point in time. The initial rollout includes levels Pre-A1, A1, A1+, A2 and A2+. The higher levels will be continuously released as they become available through Q1’22.

Every RCA includes a “Class Warm Up” activity in which key lesson points are reviewed with the class. Teachers then call on individual students to share their personal experiences about the topic. Next, they move on to three “Main Activities.” These student-centered activities give learners the chance to practice the vocabulary and useful language they have studied in their neo lessons.

About nexgen
nexgen is a Silicon-Valley company based in San Jose, California. nexgen is dedicated to providing English language learners with sophisticated learning content, which when combined with real-time advanced AI allows learners to achieve their English goals–guaranteed.

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