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New survey reveals specific challenges US K-12 teachers are still facing in their return to in-person teaching

Chart of responses to the biggest challenges facing US K-12 teachers in Fall 2021 broken down by Elementary and Middle or high school teachers. Middle and high school teachers find absenteeism and holding students accountable especially challenging.

The biggest challenges facing US K-12 teachers in Fall 2021

New report shows teachers face demanding workloads and new challenges, and some new pandemic teaching methods continue to grow in popularity while others wane.

Nearly all schools are back to in-person instruction, but that does not mean things are back to normal.”

— Thomas Arnett

OAKLAND, CA, UNITED STATES, December 7, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Bay View Analytics and its partner, the Clayton Christensen Institute, today announce the publication of new factsheets, Reaching toward Recovery. This latest report of K-12 teachers and administrators reveals that while schools are back in-person, things are far from normal.

“Nearly all schools are back to in-person instruction, but that does not mean things are back to normal,” notes Thomas Arnett, Senior Research Fellow at Clayton Christensen Institute and author of the report. “Educators are struggling with a range of challenges created by the pandemic, including gaps in students’ learning over the last year, absences caused by quarantines, heightened social and emotional challenges among students, and extra workloads caused by staffing shortages.”

The factsheets are based on the newest in a series of national surveys conducted in October 2021 of 1,074 respondents including teachers and administrators. Overall, the results show that schools are starting to rebound from the impact of the pandemic, with 96% of classes returning to in-person instruction compared to 34% in Spring 2021.

However, major findings from the survey show that it is still a challenging time for teachers, specifically around supporting student social and emotional challenges, student absenteeism, and holding students accountable for completing school work. Additional findings include:
• Most teachers report their students are “slightly behind” or “behind” academically
• School systems have implemented new programs for the in-person teaching such as tutoring services and virtual school options
• Blended learning models are more likely to allow students to progress at different paces account to their needs and had increased in popularity during the pandemic though many teachers do not plan to continue using them post-pandemic

The full report is available here: https://www.christenseninstitute.org/publications/online-learning-factsheets-2021/

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