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New hard-hitting docuseries: “Corrupt As F!”, unmasks shocking corruption in the state of New Hampshire

“Corrupt as F***!” will be a 60 minute per episode docuseries, drawing the public
into an examination of corruption in New Hampshire Politics

N/A, NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA, October 24, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — When one thinks of a state with political cronyism, systemic racism, some of the highest cancer rates in the country; and a decaying nuclear power plant without a viable escape route, which one comes to mind? Mississippi? Florida? Louisiana? Would you believe New Hampshire? One of the most affluent states in the country is also one of the most corrupt and poorly governed in the country.

Granite State Productions is currently in the middle of shooting “Corrupt As F***”, documenting + journaling, and editing the details of corruption that are currently happening. This very deep expose is expected to reach national attention. The 10 part docuseries written and directed by Gracie Gato, and produced by Granite State Productions, is expected to be officially released in the Summer of 2022.

While the geopolitical corruption taking place in New Hampshire has been recognized by a few watchdogs and savvy citizens, the new 10 part docuseries will completely illuminate the dark areas of New Hampshire’s ongoing corruption issues, with so many details being documented that while each episode is 60 minutes long, there will be 10 required to go over everything that the Corrupt AF team has uncovered and documented!

Stay tuned and be sure to not miss this eye-opening and shocking new documentary!

If you have any questions regarding the project, be sure to reach out to Writer/Director Gracie Gato at: gracie.gato81@gmail.com

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