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New Book “The Social Disaster” Receives Outstanding Review From Industry Leader While Maintaining 5-Star Reader Rating

The Social Disaster Front Cover

Industry powerhouse Kirkus Reviews praises the newest book by Larry Pepe detailing the psychological & practical effects of social media

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA, April 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — A new groundbreaking book detailing the negative psychological and practical effects of social media usage and the impact of these massive platforms on society and culture has received an outstanding review from publishing industry powerhouse Kirkus Reviews while maintaining a perfect FIVE-STAR rating from all readers on Amazon.com. Kirkus has been an industry-trusted source for honest and accessible reviews since 1933, an incredible 89 years of excellence.

Kirkus summarized Pepe’s latest offering, “The Social Disaster: Warning! Social Media May Be Hazardous To Your Life, Your Kids & Society” as a “thorough, well-researched account of a pressing contemporary problem.” According to Kirkus:

“Drawing on an impressive storehouse of scientific studies, Pepe explores the dark underworld of social media with an emphasis on the impact the platforms have on their most ardent and vulnerable devotees: adolescents. With accessible clarity, he covers a broad spectrum of issues, including the cognitive impairments social media can induce, the rise of cancel culture, and the growing problem of censorship and its consequences for public discourse…He consistently furnishes empirical evidence to substantiate his claims. In addition, this book is more than the sounding of an alarm; Pepe provides a discussion of the ways in which social media users—and their parents—can sanely arm themselves against the dangers. This is an always reasonable and sometimes eye-opening treatment of an important but not always fully understood issue.”

Additionally, after being selected by Amazon.com as the “Top New Release” in seven different categories, including Social Media, Social Theory, Internet Culture, Social Aspects of the Internet and Free Will & Determinism, the readers have spoken as well rewarding the book with a FIVE-STAR average rating.

“I’m both honored and pleased that the book has been so well received,” Pepe said. “Every day, hundreds of millions of people log on to social media, but the overwhelming majority of them are unaware that there is a vast, shocking body of evidence regarding the harmful effects that using these platforms can have on individuals of all ages as well as our society and culture. They have no idea that industry executives and insiders have admitted that these platforms are designed to psychologically manipulate them, get them hooked and monopolize their time. These platforms don’t come with a warning label, but they should. The Social Disaster is meant to give people all that information and be that warning label so they can make informed decisions about their usage.”

Acclaimed for its attention to detail and vast research, the book contains over 500 endnotes citing hundreds of studies, surveys, statistics and Congressional testimony that show the far-reaching effects of social media.

Possible Side Effects Associated With Social Media Usage May Include:

Social Media Addiction
Depression, Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem, Loneliness, Sleeplessness
Unhealthy Multitasking, Reduced Focus & Attention
Impaired Cognition, Memory, Communication Skills & Decision-Making
Negative Impact on Academic Performance & Career Success
Negative Impact on Personal, Professional & Intimate Relationships
Exposure to Criminal Behavior & Legal Liability
Exposure to Self-Harm & Suicide-Related Content
Exposure to Intense Societal Division
Exposure to Toxic Cancel Culture, Cyberbullying & Peer Pressure
Exposure to Misinformation, Fake News & Hundreds of Millions of Bots
Exposure to Unprecedented, Dangerous Censorship

According to Pepe, “These side effects aren’t theoretical…they’re backed by a massive body of evidence and common sense. Maybe that’s why many social media insiders won’t use the platforms themselves or let their children near them. I want readers to understand these risks and have the same opportunity to make an informed decision. Giving them access to that information is exactly what The Social Disaster is all about.

Larry Pepe is a former entertainment and litigation attorney, holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, hosted an award-winning podcast for over a decade and has authored three books. For more information about Larry and his latest book, The Social Disaster, visit TheSocialDisaster.com. Larry can be reached for interviews and speaking engagements at Media@TheSocialDisaster.com.

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