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National Summit on School Safety Brings Prevention to the Forefront

This photo provides the dates for the twenty twenty one National Summit on School Safety being held October twenty sixth through October twenty eighth online with more information available at w w w safe and sound schools dot org.

Don’t Miss the National Virtual Summit on School Safety 2021

Virtual Summit brings together nation’s top school-safety experts to discuss critical issues, best-practices, and practical solutions for schools.

SANDY HOOK, CONNECTICUT, USA, October 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — School-safety professionals nationwide will meet virtually to discuss the most critical safety issues impacting schools October 26-28 as Safe and Sound Schools hosts The 2021 Virtual National Summit on School Safety, presented by Premier Partner Navigate360.

The Summit features three days of inspiring keynotes, discussion breakout groups and live-expert panels from more than 40 of the nation’s top experts in the field. Registration is open to those interested in learning more about the most critical safety challenges facing schools today and the practical solutions available to administrators, educators, parents, and communities. Registration information is available at www.safeandsoundschools.org.

The opening keynote features Michele Gay, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Safe and Sound Schools, and Dr. C.J. Huff, former Superintendent of the Joplin, Mo. school district which was devastated by a catastrophic F5 tornado in 2011. Gay lost her daughter in the 2012 Sandy Hook School shooting. Both will speak to the resilience found on the road to crisis recovery.

Other keynotes include—

Molly Hudgens, author of “Saving Sycamore: How Connection and Compassion Saved Sycamore Middle School,” school counselor and Medal of Honor recipient, sharing her account of talking a student out of committing a mass shooting that would have targeted the middle school in Pleasant View, Tenn.,

Officer Jermaine Galloway, law enforcement professional and founder of Tall Cop Says Stop (TM) discussing his passion and solutions for protecting kids from substance abuse,

Dr. Beth Sanborn, School Resource Officer and Juvenile Detective for Wissahickon School District in Montgomery County, Penn. on the power of leading with the heart to build long-term relationships that change and save lives,

Dr. Peter Langman, Author, Psychologist, and expert on school shooters discussing ways to prevent school shootings with a presentation that includes practical research-based guidance for anticipating and preventing mass attacks, and

Frank Deangelis, former Principal of Columbine High School revealing the leadership lessons he learned the hard way, and his invaluable insights into managing the after-crisis with students, staff members, community, as well as dealing with the never-ending media attention.

Along with keynote presentations, the National Summit on School Safety will feature live leadership panels on Comprehensive Approaches to Supporting School Communities; Intervening with Suicidal Students and Postvention in Schools; and Leading Through Uncertainty: School Safety in Challenging Times.

The latest program developed by Safe and Sound Schools will also be launched at the Summit. Especially Safe was created specifically to address those students, staff, and visitors in schools with a variety of special needs—from developmental disabilities to communication challenges to medical needs to mobility challenges and more. Visit www.safeandsoundschools.org.

About Safe and Sound Schools
Safe and Sound Schools is a nonprofit organization, founded in 2013 by parents who lost children in the Sandy Hook shooting. The organization offers a variety of tools for crisis prevention, response and recovery that are available to schools nationwide. Safe and Sound Schools works with school communities and mental health, law enforcement, and safety professionals to teach best practices and ensure the safest possible learning environments for children, educators, administrators, and parents. To access programs and experts who can address the multitude of issues that impact safety, visit www.safeandsoundschools.org.

About Navigate 360
Navigate360 is the leader in holistic safety and wellness solutions. The company’s comprehensive, holistic offerings span the full spectrum of safety, including threat detection and prevention, mental health and wellness, and safety management and preparedness—backed by research and developed by industry experts. The company provides the tools necessary to empower people, schools, and communities to stay safe and thrive. Learn more at www.navigate360.com.

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