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Mountain Peaks Family Practice Urges Vaccinations in Preparation for a “Twindemic”

Recent studies have found that having both flu and COVID at the same time will likely increase the risks associated with both illnesses.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, experts are now calling for increased uptake of the COVID vaccine alongside a yearly flu shot this winter to help prevent further complications.”

— Dr. Robert Durrans of Mountain Peaks Family Practice

OREM, UTAH, UNITED STATES, November 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — As fall slowly turns to winter, flu season begins, and this has become a point of concern for many scientists and medical professionals, especially regarding those people who have been deemed ‘clinically vulnerable’ to COVID. Many are beginning to call this a “twindemic” based on the amplifying effect of two particularly insidious illnesses that can be life-threatening for susceptible populations.

“Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, experts are now calling for increased uptake of the COVID vaccine alongside a yearly flu shot this winter to help prevent further complications,” said Dr. Robert Durrans of Mountain Peaks Family Practice. “Individuals over the age of 50, and especially those with underlying health conditions, are being encouraged to come forward for both their flu shot and COVID vaccine.”

Mountain Peaks Family Practice encourages patients to get familiar with the risks associated with each of these potential illnesses as well as the possibility of contracting them both in the months ahead.

First, it’s important to understand that the symptoms of COVID (a new and persistent cough, a change or loss in sense of smell and/or taste, and an elevated temperature) are somewhat similar to flu symptoms.

Recent studies have found that having both flu and COVID at the same time can increase the risks associated with both illnesses. This is clear considering that both flu and COVID are respiratory illnesses, which affect breathing. Having both at the same time can add more stress on the respiratory system, and thus potentially cause further complication.

But more importantly, researchers are predicting that the flu this year is set to be worst in a while. As most people stayed home at the start of the pandemic, followed social distancing guidelines, and reducing social contact wherever possible, they helped stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. While this was necessary, it has had an additional unforeseen affect too.

COVID slowed down and spread to fewer people, but so did the flu. In typical years, the spread of the flu has helped, in some part, to reduce the severity of symptoms through natural resistance year after year. With very few people having been struck down with the flu over the pandemic, fewer people will have natural resistance this year, so the symptoms are predicted to be more severe than in previous years.

This has already been seen with the ‘common cold’, which some people anecdotally have termed the ‘COVID cold’ because of how severe it may be this year. The reasons behind this are twofold.

First, just like the flu, fewer people caught a cold during the pandemic as they were practicing social distancing measures. Because of this, most people’s immune systems have not built up resistance to these symptoms as they may have in previous years.

And second, there is a psychological effect. As few people caught a cold over the pandemic, being hit with one this winter feels worse than usual, simply because people are less used to being ill. As flu season approaches, expect to see a similar worsening of symptoms.

Ensuring more people get both the COVID vaccine and flu shot means there will be less pressure on hospitals, ICU, and other healthcare settings this winter. Having both preventative measures will likely help to reduce the severity of both illnesses’ symptoms considerably, meaning there will be far fewer people affected by flu and COVID this winter. It was everyone’s responsibility to ensure their safety and wellbeing during the pandemic, and the same applies to the upcoming “twindemic.”

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