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Mi’kmaw Entrepreneur Has Her Chance to Finally Pitch Canada’s Dragons’ Den

MarshMello products - Dematt detangling spray and dog grooming products in Dragons Den.

Pitching the Dragons-a charged moment!

She May* Hold Dubious Distinction of Auditioning Most times ever and this Year—During a Pandemic – She Finally Got Her Chance.

I just never gave up! Every year-it’s just what I did…op*! It’s time to audition again!”

— Faith Chipman

POWELL RIVER, BC, CANADA, December 7, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Mi’kmaw Entrepreneur has Her Chance to Finally Pitch Canada’s Dragons’ Den.
She May* Hold Dubious Distinction of Auditioning Most times ever and this Year—During a Pandemic – She Finally Got Her Chance.

Faith Chipman is a product of the Sixties Scoop*-born in 1971 in New Brunswick-but adopted away from her home-Burnt Church Indian Nation in NB. Her birth-mother was only 17 when she gave birth to her daughter; she herself a survivor from the residential school crisis. Faith’s adoptive parents wanted to adopt several children from positions where they may not have gotten a fair chance at life. It formed an over-arcing theme in her life. She pulled through emotional upheavals growing up, eventually finding recovery from alcohol addiction at 35 and then building a life which could work for her and one she could be proud of.

Her tiny co. began first with home-made paw-balms and cologne spritzes for use in her own dog grooming salon-selling to her own customers and local boutiques—moving to an on-line store back before it was ‘cool’ to have your own e-commerce site.
What quickly became its’ flagship product and still its’ Top-Selling dog grooming product is its’ Plant-based Detangling Spray.

MarshMello Dematt is an overtly Silicone-Free and Sulfate-free Dog Grooming brand. She’s brought her Fun-Ultra high quality dog grooming products to market with care-building her following one-at-a-time, amassing her foundation of fellow groomers as customers–only to learn they had been recommending the products to their clients as well.

She finally got her chance to Pitch the Dragons, back on May 25th of this year after auditioning for about 8 years. Pitchers were informed they were selected via Zoom call back at beginning of March. So, after several delays; after having bought and changed airline tickets and accomodations-more than once and one vaccine behind her and double-masked on plane-rides; she landed in the Den-third pitcher of 2021 season-on that unpredictable date.

Find the show online at: cbc.ca/dragonsden contact: Teaghan Hawke (CBC Public Relations, Entertainment: teaghan.hawke@cbc.ca

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