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Microcurrent Leader 7E Wellness Announces Holiday Gift Bundles

The QT+ gift bundle offered by 7E Wellness

I’m thrilled that we can offer these holiday specials so early for our customers.”

— Pooja Johari

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, November 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — 7E Wellness, one of the biggest disruptors in the consumer and professional microcurrent facelift space, has announced their first three holiday gift sets. Skincare fanatics will certainly take notice as the company has paired several of their leading devices with carefully selected attachments and accessories. Starting on November 3rd, new and existing buyers can take advantage of some of their biggest discounts to date.

Pooja Johari, the company’s founder, was particularly excited about the campaign. “I’m thrilled that we can offer these holiday specials so early for our customers.” Pooja says, “Whether it’s an esthetician trying to improve their business or a customer looking to get a gift for a loved one or themselves, we wanted to make sure that our best devices and complimentary add-ons were aggressively discounted in early November.”

MyoLift QT+, an iteration on their hugely successful QT line, has been paired with several in-demand items, including eye, lip and forehead masks. The package also includes Restorative Sheet Masks, anti-aging serum and conductive gloves. This $407 value is being offered at $299.

MyoLift Mini, arguably the most popular consumer device made by 7E Wellness, has been paired with the same masks, as well as their ReStore Gel and a Restorative Sheet Mask. This $374 value is being offered at $250.

Finally, the MyoLift 600, one of the company’s two marquee professional devices, has been paired with conductive gloves, a package of 6 Restorative Sheet Masks and 4 Anti-Aging Peptide Serums. One of their larger discounts, this $1,480 value is being offered at $999.

In addition to the device gift sets, 7E is offering various packages focused on their array of accessories. This comes in several iterations. The Mask Wonderland set is a collection of their most popular facial masks. The Anti-Aging set features a mix of face masks, conductive gloves and various gels/serums. And the ReStore Mask set includes masks, gloves and ReStore gel. A full lineup of these steep discounts, ranging from $50 – $150, are available on their holiday landing page below.

To learn more about the holiday gifting campaign and the company in general, be sure to visit 7EWellness.com. Publications interested in information about custom integrations for gift guides and corresponding discounts can reach out directly to the press representative (listing above).


7E Wellness is a leader in the microcurrent skincare space, developing devices, attachments and accessories for both consumer and professional use. In the past few years, they have become a top brand for at-home customers and estheticians. To learn more, visit 7EWellness.com.

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