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Make Relationship Compatibility Easy Knowing The 5 Blueprint Types™

Ally Jewel, Sex & Intimacy Coach

Ally Jewel, Sex & Intimacy Coach

FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Relationships have never been so easy once you know your Blueprint Type™,” says Ally Jewel, Sex & Intimacy Coach. Ally announces the launch of her worldwide signature program “Become The Lover You Seek” which is built on the foundation of the 5 Blueprint Types™ combined with her 20 years of coaching experience.

The Blueprint Types™, created by Ally’s mentor Jaiya, are featured in Gwyneth Paltrow’s new season of “Sex, Love, and Goop” aired on Netflix, October 21, 2021.

People are very interested in wanting to learn and understand their Blueprint Type™ evidenced by @CoachAllyJewel’s TikTok videos, gaining nearly 60,000 new followers in only 3 weeks, before the Netflix program aired. Individuals are taking the quiz and requesting interviews with Ally after the 2.1 million collective views on the videos that bust the sexual incompatibility myth when individuals understand the Blueprint Types™.

In Ally’s program “Become The Lover You Seek” she empowers clients to create the amazing relationships they rightfully deserve by helping them reclaim and understand who they are as sexual beings. As a certified coach for Jaiya, Ally utilizes the Blueprint Breakthrough™ Course and adds her in-depth knowledge and coaching skills so clients get even more out of the program, making it a personalized and profound experience, and not just another knowledge-based course. Individuals get their questions answered and the support they will surely need when engaging in this content.

Ally Jewel is excited that people are finally getting exposed to this valuable and transformative information. Ally Jewel is one of only eight Certified Blueprint Master Coach™ Interns with Jaiya and Ian. She is also a Trainer for Tony Robbins, Certified Accelerated Evolution Coach™, and Certified NLP Practitioner. She mentors directly with Jaiya and Ian Ferguson weekly, who are both seen on the Netflix program.

Let’ face it, not many of us grew up with a healthy sex education. Ally says that “many clients identify with feeling sexually unfulfilled, uninterested, uncertain, lacking confidence, disconnected and/or distracted. When a person is willing to take responsibility and do the inner work and home play, they can transform any of these states into abundance and overflow, and there is no time like the present. Results of course will vary based on the individual’s level of commitment and willingness to remain an active participant in their own transformation.”

“Become The Lover You Seek, focuses on you understanding yourself first, knowing that you are not broken and do not need fixing. Part of the foundational teaching is finding pleasure readily and easily in your body, as we are a culture that is so accustomed to focusing on the aches and pains in our bodies. It also focuses on the key principles and importance of presence and empathy in our relationships. The program continues to build from there, as clients map out their Blueprint Type™ as a somatic experience. Ally also focuses the program on expanding one’s blueprint, so clients can become more intimately compatible with current or future partners.

“Some single clients cut themselves off from their own full expression claiming they will wait to do this program once they have a partner, while some couples claim their partners don’t want to do the work with them, which can all be indicative of the blueprint shadows. Often my single clients come to realize that they were seeking different intimate traits in another person yet not fully aware how the superpowers and shadow sides of their own Blueprint Type™ was affecting their relationship” says Ally. “It is even more important to do this work when you are single, so individuals can have the time for discovery and healing. If in partnership, it is optimal for both partners to do this work together…and yet, it still only takes one person to transform a relationship” says Ally.

Jaiya’s foundational belief is that we all have the capacity to become a shapeshifter, one of the 5 Blueprint Types™, thereby having the potential to become an amazing lover to those we choose for partnership. “New tools around communication and healing conversations and relationships with self and others is a big part of the client journey. Everyone leaves knowing their road map and how to create lasting relationships for a lifetime, should they choose it for themselves. Clients will find pleasure in ways emotionally, physically, and spiritually they didn’t even know they were seeking”, says Ally.

If you would like more information about Ally Jewel’s Coaching services for individuals, couples, or groups please contact her at: www.CallWithAlly.com

Ally Jewel
Ally Jewel, Sex & Intimacy Coach
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