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Linwood Blue Debuts Culinary Homes Concept for Epicureans

Beautiful, functional, custom-built homes designed for food and drink lovers worldwide.

These homes are a shrine to epicureans, oenophiles, and those who love entertaining. ”

— Alena St. James

CHEYENNE, WYOMING, UNITED STATES, November 4, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — LINWOOD BLUE, a new joint-venture between Blue Bear Brands and Linwood Homes today announced the debut of its new home concept, CULINARY HOMES. Prospective home buyers can choose from models that exemplify the ultimate in the food & drink lifestyle on the company’s website culinaryhomes.com beginning October 1, 2020. The website displays custom-home models specifically designed to deliver the highest level of comfort, functionality and efficiency for people who live for cooking, dining, drinking and entertaining.

All the home plans are available for purchase and construction immediately, and can be built on homesites in North America, and other countries with similar building codes. Build schedules are subject to regional climate conditions.

The 2020 Pandemic ushered in a return of the art and joy of cooking and dining at home, with unprecedented numbers of people preparing their own meals, and millions of others exploring innovative new home delivery meal services. During the past year, consumers have accepted that this new lifestyle has dramatically increased the number of hours spent in the home, and diminished pleasurable options for out-of-home meal experiences and gatherings. The global circumstances also reintroduced the pleasures of wine and spirits consumption with friends and family in home environments. Now, homeowners are seeking to enhance their home dining experiences and optimize the culinary functionality of their homes.

“People throughout the world have returned to the custom of planning, preparing and consuming home-cooked meals. The resurgence of in-home dining experiences has made having a comfortable and functional cooking and eating space more essential than ever,” said Roger Conley Wood, Chairman, Linwood Blue. “Our architectural plans have been redesigned to satisfy the needs of today’s food-loving homeowners, and our models  can easily be customized for different cooking genres. We have home kits for nearly every budget,” added Alex Mascott, President of Linwood Blue.

The CULINARY HOMES models include options such as:
Customized kitchens with expanded floor plans to accommodate a variety of culinary art styles.
Cabinetry, work stations, countertops and surfaces from top names in the industry.
Premium appliances.
Generous storage options, including shelf and drawer space. 
Electrical packages with multiple outlets and extra electrical drops.
A rich selection of flooring, door and window options.

On the culinaryhomes.com website, homebuyers can further personalize their living experience with a wide assortment of glassware, cookware, and tabletop products. “These homes are a shrine to epicureans, oenophiles, and those who love entertaining. We’ve carefully selected the top suppliers/manufacturers in the industry and thought through different tastes from barbecue to Basque cuisine, each with their own aesthetic styles and unique utensils,” said Alena St. James, General Manager of Home Goods for CULINARY HOMES, and a veteran glassware designer for Ritzenhoff.

We offer options that include tailored lighting, auxiliary ventilation, and complete beverage storage and display solutions, in addition to conventional wine cellars, storage and refrigeration options. For certain geographies, customized entrances are available to access open-air dining areas.
CULINARY HOMES has a network of building crews across North America delivering it a national footprint upon launch.

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