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LEX Reception Celebrates 1 Year of Giving Back Program

LEX Reception, legal answering service

LEX Reception, legal answering service

Their program demonstrates the power of organizations working together to make an impact on the planet and its most endangered species.

We’re proud to give a voice to species in need, raising awareness and funds for global conservation organizations.”

— Fiona Stevenson – Head of Mattering & Impact at LEX Reception

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — LEX Reception, the specialized legal answering service, is celebrating one year of its pledge to give back to endangered species. As a business built on listening and caring for its clients, LEX Reception listens to species in need and works to protect the most vulnerable animals on the planet. At a time when many companies consider their corporate responsibility around Giving Tuesday, LEX Reception hopes to inspire more businesses to make their own commitments to the planet.

LEX Reception pledged, one year ago, to give back 1% of their revenue to endangered species, as part of their broader commitment to sustainability and protecting our planet. Since November 2020, they have supported some of the most threatened animals in the world, including the vaquita porpoise, the red wolf, and the mountain gorilla.

Their donations have made tangible impacts for many species struggling today. For example, their donation to the International Rhino Foundation enabled two legal training sessions to be run for over 206 rangers in South Africa. This training and knowledge from experienced advocates will contribute to “technicality-free” arrests and more convictions in court for wildlife trade crimes, like those threatening the Black Rhinoceros. One ranger called it “the most important training they have ever received”.

Fiona Stevenson, Head of Mattering & Impact at LEX Reception, says “We have a duty to our planet and the species that we share it with, to lessen our impact and protect those most in need. We’re proud to give a voice to species in need, raising awareness and funds for global conservation organizations.”

Their giving back program has not just impacted threatened species, it has served as a focal point for their team. Bre Swanson, Operations Director at LEX Reception says, “We’re a team united by caring. We motivate ourselves every day knowing that we make a difference to other people’s lives, whether that be by answering calls and saving our clients’ time, or by making our monthly donations possible to protect these incredible species. When we’re learning from our latest non-profit partner, I can see the passion that our employees bring to everything they care about. It has definitely brought us closer together as a team.”

Giving back has always been a core value of LEX Reception. The company was built around a home-working model, to reduce the carbon footprint caused by daily commuting and a physical office building. LEX receptionists also take up to two paid days per year to give back to their community, whether this is delivering food to families in need, planting trees, or supporting local animal centers. Per year, this results in more than 3,000 hours of time volunteered by the LEX team.

About LEX Reception: LEX Reception is a legal answering, receptionist, and chat service dedicated to helping people and the planet. With more than 12 years of experience, they support more than 2,000 law firms in building strong relationships with leads and clients.

Through LEX Reception’s pledge to give back to the planet, it donates every month to protect endangered species. In October, LEX Reception’s Marketing team changed its name to become the Mattering team. As a business focused on hearing more from people and planet, marketing no longer felt an accurate description for its aspirations.

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