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JUMPMASTER HOMES for Military Veterans, Police, Fire and Rescue

Jumpmaster Homes

Paratrooper George Conley Sr. 1928-1991. Inspiration for the Jumpmaster brand.


LINWOOD BLUE – ALTA home model

In a year of valor, Linwood Blue offers Custom-built homes for our bravest in all 50 states, and 13 in Canada

CHEYENNE, WYOMING, UNITED STATES, November 4, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — A designer, builder and marketer of custom-built homes, expands its portfolio of lifestyle brand themes with JUMPMASTER HOMES. Active and former members of Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard can choose from custom-home models that can be altered to suit the diverse lifestyles enjoyed military veterans and first responders across North America. The JUMPMASTER HOMES product lineup is specifically designed to deliver the highest level of comfort, functionality and efficiency for those who have served. The company’s website is easily found at https://jumpmasterhomes.com .

The JUMPMASTER HOMES models range from the most affordable, to the most luxurious. The collection is available for immediate construction for home buyers who already own their lots. JUMPMASTER HOMES has a network of building crews across North America supporting a national footprint upon launch. For those who do not already have a lot, JUMPMASTER HOMES offers a network of real estate resources to assist in purchasing land. Our real estate advisors are carefully selected for their affiliation with the armed forces and first responders. As with any custom-built home, build schedules are subject to regional climate conditions.

The 2020 Pandemic reminded us of the importance of our military forces and first responders. As one crisis after another unfolded, those who serve in uniform repeatedly answered the call of duty, and many risked their lives in the process. Infectious disease, domestic social unrest, a historic fire season, record-breaking hurricanes, and flareups in hotspots of international conflict all stretched the capacity of our defense, policing and rescue organizations. JUMPMASTER HOMES was created as a tribute to their valor, with reasonable prices that reflect the values of the brand its philosophy that service members deserve a home they can be proud of on a modest budget.

“We thought deeply about how to contribute, and believe that providing affordable homes to those who protect the nation and our families would be a good place to start,” said Roger Conley Wood, Chairman & Co-Founder of Linwood Blue, and creator of the JUMPMASTER HOMES brand. Mr. Wood’s maternal family has served in continuous active duty military every year since Matthew Conley’s service during the Civil War in 1863. The brand name was inspired by Wood’s cousin George Conley Sr., a paratrooper trained at Fort Benning by a legendary Jumpmaster during the Korean conflict in the 1950s. “When Roger developed the concept of a branded home option for veterans, we immediately embraced the challenge of designing architectural plans to satisfy the needs of veterans in a variety of life circumstances. We have beautiful home kits for all budgets, but we are especially proud of the models we’ve designed for veterans who were injured during their service,” added Alex Mascott, President of Linwood Blue.

The JUMPMASTER HOMES models include options such as:
– Reinforced doors and windows.
– Spacious exterior entry and exit designs to accommodate physical fitness and active lifestyles.
– Ramps, guide rails and other fixtures for sight, sound and physical impairment.
– Generous storage options, including outdoor sheds and shelters. 
– Safe Rooms, Bunkers and Shelters
Homebuyers can further personalize their living experience with an assortment of home improvement products, which the brand wishes to expand. For licensing inquiries prospective suppliers can contact the brand at https://jumpmasterhomes.com .

About Linwood Blue
Linwood Blue designs, develops, and sells Custom Homes, Home Goods, and Home Improvement products. Linwood Blue provides custom built homes for every budget in more than 25 countries and in all 50 United States. The firm differentiates itself by marketing to lifestyles segments defined by artificial intelligence and data analysis. Learn more about our first brand offering by visiting www.culinaryhomes.com
About Linwood Homes

Linwood Homes has been building homes for more than 50 years, with thousands of homes built in over 25 countries. A Linwood home package makes home building easier by combining custom design and all the structure components required to build the home. Fixed pricing, guaranteed quantities, and high quality construction drawings give safety to a homeowner looking to build. Linwood has also won 30+ national awards for its homes, across North America.

About Blue Bear Brands
Blue Bear Brands designs, develops and sells consumer products and services for both its own brands, and those of cultural significant people, places, brands and organizations. Blue Bear Brands was founded in 2014 as a marketing consultancy helping celebrities develop their own corporations and brands. Blue Bear’s diverse team is a minority and female owned and operated business.

For more media inquiries or information on purchasing:
Aaron Lattimer, Linwood Blue
1-888-546-9663 ext. 228

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Linwood Blue
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