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Introducing a new book: “Synergy: A synopsis into an elite business partnership” by Nadiya Albishchenko and Vinay Gandhi

Nadiya and Vinay at the Launch of “Mystique”


The Partnership in Brand Launch


Business book with emotions

“Synergy: A synopsis into an elite business partnership”: Nadiya Albishchenko and Vinay Gandhi’s first business book launch in December 2021.

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, November 6, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — A book that not only talks about the journeys of two successful entrepreneurs form Venus and Mars meeting together to feel the synergies yet not knowing the true potential, working separately through challenges until they meet again and join together to form an affluent business partnership.

Coming from two different worlds the experiences they talk about, their learnings through the journey, and the common treats to succeed as business owners before they decide to form a successful business alliance.

“Synergy: A synopsis into an elite business partnership”: – the book is a very attractive and suitable title for a book that gives a clear and detailed guideline of not only what takes to be a successful entrepreneur but also on how to manage outstanding and successful business partnerships. It is not a book of theories, rather it is one’s lifetime experiences, emotions, ups and downs, struggles, challenges faced, and the hard work, creativity, and determination that helped excel and succeed.

What distinguishes this book is that it is a comprehensive one: it provides a real perspective of what it takes to succeed in the business industry from gender perceptions at the same time. Sharing real-life events and experiences have enriched this book and made the reader more interested in reading it. Books have a huge influence when it presents their content-packed with emotions, real-life experiences, and life lessons learned through a story that can touch the reader’s heart and mind and this book definitely succeeded in doing so.

A Yin and Yang through the Synopsis of forming an elite business partnership.

Nadiya Albishchenko – a woman Entrepreneur with over 19 Years of experience in International Trade and Marketing. Having versatile work experience with some renowned multinational companies on the globe.

Founder of INAS EXIM LLC – A food company with the social responsibility of the environment. An artist and co-Founder of “Mystique” – a sustainable environmentally friendly brand of wall decorations. In 2020 she participated in the women empowerment platform held in UAE and was Titled Best Personality also obtaining an award for Second Runners up for the contest.

For more details about Nadiya’s professional background please proceed to:

Vinay Gandhi – UAE-based Entrepreneur with Over 27 years of trading experience in the Region. Been Grown Up in UAE imbibed in UAE culture, traditions, and multicultural business environment from the beginning of the country incorporation. Founder of Golden Star International LLC – Food Distribution company in UAE and re-exporting HUB to other parts of the World. Co-Founder and Brand Ambassador for “Mystique” Brand – sustainable wall decorations.
For more details about Vinay professional background please proceed to: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vinay-gandhi-a9650a26/

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