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Introducing A Game For Couples: A Fun, Engaging Relationship Tool Helping Committed Couples Ask The Important Questions

Couples playing A Game For Couples

Playing A Game For Couples

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A Game For Couples

Topic Categories for A Game For Couples

Topic Categories

New Card Game for Committed Couples Breaks Down Communication Barriers and Fosters Healthy Dialogue

Not enough couples are asking the tough questions before making major life decisions together. We hope A Game For Couples can help foster healthy dialogue about important topics that matter most.”

— Zainab Osazin

TACOMA, WASHINGTON, USA, October 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — With a substantial percentage of marriages ending in divorce, entrepreneur Zainab Osazin devised a clever solution: a simple yet effective relationship card game to encourage committed couples to tackle the tough topics before embarking on the next stage in their relationships. Launched Oct. 1, 2021, A Game For Couples consists of 108 playing cards with questions covering numerous topics that help couples discuss their beliefs, lifestyles, values, and expectations. This unique, necessary couples questions game is now available for sale online.

A Game For Couples includes five topic categories: finances, health, family, intimacy & relationships, and ethics & values. Questions encourage couples to discuss their personal beliefs on monogamy, approach to joint or separate bank accounts, positions on cultural or societal issues, and much more. The game can be completed in one sitting or over several days, weeks, or months. Its intended audience includes serious couples who are considering making major life decisions together.

Osazin conceptualized A Game For Couples during a winter vacation in Ghana when her seven-year-old sister asked why she hadn’t married her boyfriend yet. Upon self-reflection, Osazin realized that she—like many people—was apprehensive about asking the hard questions that would determine if she and her boyfriend were aligned on important issues. Wondering why couples weren’t more transparent with each other, Osazin decided that there had to be an easier way to tackle these questions. A few months later, she created A Game For Couples.

A Game For Couples is available for purchase online. To learn more about A Game For Couples, visit http://www.agameforcouples.com.

About A Game For Couples
A Game For Couples isn’t just a card game; it’s a relationship tool. The game is a deck of 108 cards with over 150 questions related to some of the central issues that determine relationship success. There are five topic categories, in addition to warm-up cards to get the conversation started. Topics covered include; finances, health, family, intimacy & relationships, and ethics & values. The game was created by Zainab Osazin to help committed couples who are open to the idea of taking their relationship to the next stage. For more information, visit http://www.agameforcouples.com.

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