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Insurtech startup adds personal accident and personal effects insurance to rental car insurance suite

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CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, October 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — DES MOINES, IOWA, UNITED STATES, October 12, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/

Bonzah.com owned by Pablow, Inc. (Pablow), an Insurtech startup based out of Iowa, is adding Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) and Personal Effects Insurance (PEI) to their rental car insurance product suite.

The addition of PAI and PEI to Bonzah’s products will allow www.Bonzah.com to become a one-stop online shop for rental car insurance. Right now, car renters can already buy primary damage, primary liability and supplemental liability insurance from the Bonzah mobile app and website.

“We’re launching Personal Accident and Personal Effect Insurance as part of our long-term commitment to provide affordable, easy, and convenient insurance coverage for rental car users,” said Steve Sherlock, Co-Founder of Pablow Inc. d.b.a. Bonzah.com. “With the addition of PAI and PEI products, renters can have better, more comprehensive coverage.”

Bonzah.com’s Personal Accidental Insurance (PAI) provides 24-hour accident protection to the primary renter or sharer and their immediate family for a death while traveling in a Rented or Shared Vehicle during the entire period of the Rental Agreement. PAI covers both accidental loss of life and medical expenses, ensuring up to $50,000 for renter loss of life and $1,000 in medical insurance coverage.

Meanwhile, the Personal Effects Insurance (PEI) provides limited coverage for loss or damage to personal belongings due to theft of, damage to, or accidents involving a Rental or Shared Vehicle.

“As a heavy car rental user myself, I want to make sure that we at Bonzah live up to our promise of helping car renters get peace of mind through superior insurance products and services that they can conveniently buy online,” adds Sherlock.

PAI and PEI will is now available for car renters to purchase on the Bonzah website at
www.Bonzah.com. Customers can also download the app from the App Store, and choose from Bonzah’s rental car insurance product suite.

For more information about this release, Pablow or Bonzah please visit the company website at www.Bonzah.com or contact Steve Sherlock, Co-Founder and CEO for Pablow, at admin@bonzah.com

About Pablow, Inc. (Pablow)

Pablow Inc. (Pablow) is a global insurtech startup and a 2015 Global Insurance Accelerator graduate focused on improving access to short-duration insurance in the vacation rental, car rental and travel categories. As a licensed agent in all 50 US states and DC, Pablow works with leading insurance companies, including Arch Insurance, IMG, and ATIG. For more details please visit www.Bonzah.com

Steve Sherlock
Pablow Inc. d.b.a Bonzah.com
email us here admin@Bonzah.com
Visit us on social media:

Steve Sherlock
Pablow Inc. d.b.a. Bonzah.com
email us here
Visit us on social media:


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