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Ins and Outs of Brand Protection for Amazon Sellers Shared with the Knife Industry

Denise Mosteller

Counterfeits and practices that destroy brand reputations can be fought with Amazon’s Brand Registry and other programs

Fortunately, Amazon is taking counterfeit products as a serious problem and providing tools to assist brands in removing them from their website”

— Denise Mosteller

CODY, WY, UNITED STATES, September 14, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) is very pleased to announce that the third in a series of articles to provide needed information for knife businesses to protect their brands and fight counterfeits has been published on its website. “Amazon Brand Registry” gives the steps to get started with Brand Registry and also explains Amazon programs Project Zero and Transparency. Authored by two experts in the fields of intellectual property and brand protection, Denise Mosteller and Jeremiah Pastrick, as guest contributors on the nonprofit’s website, the current article will be updated as Amazon’s programs change.

“With more and more people doing most of their shopping online and on websites like Amazon, it’s even more important that brands take every possible step to remove counterfeits from the marketplaces,” said Denise Mosteller, who currently serves as Director of Brand Protection for TrackStreet, Inc., and has extensive experience in Amazon enforcement and remediation for numerous brands, as well as investigation and enforcement in international property protection. “Fortunately, Amazon is taking counterfeit products as a serious problem and providing tools to assist brands in removing them from their website.”

“Online marketplaces represent a large proportion of business for many of the companies in the knife industry,” said Mark Schreiber, President of CRKT and chair of AKTI’s Anti-Counterfeiting Committee. “As a nonprofit trade association representing the entire knife community, our aim is to help our members with information on how to work with these marketplaces to eliminate counterfeits and practices that destroy brand reputations.”

“Amazon Brand Registry” is offered at www.AKTI.org to provide this valuable

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