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Iglesia Ni Cristo Receives Philanthropy Award in Daly City, CA

Community members expressed their gratitude to Iglesia Ni Cristo for helping citizens who needed it most

Community members expressed their gratitude to Iglesia Ni Cristo for helping citizens who needed it most

The Church’s Commitment to Service Shines As Iglesia Ni Cristo Receives Daly City, CA Philanthropy Award

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, December 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Iglesia Ni Cristo members are known for their commitment to serving their brothers and sisters around the world. The Church was recently honored by Daly City, California with a philanthropy award thanking members for their hard work in providing humanitarian aid to people in need. 

Iglesia Ni Cristo’s Work in California
The Church was awarded the Mayor’s Philanthropic Award 2020. The city’s mayor, Glenn Sylvester, gave the award to the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation, the charitable arm of Iglesia Ni Cristo that works to provide humanitarian aid to people in need around the world. 

The setting for the award presentation looked a little bit different due to the pandemic — Mayor Sylvester awarded the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation with the Mayor’s Philanthropic Award 2020 over a Zoom meeting. This was the first year that the award was given. 

Mayor Sylvester thanked the church for helping to bridge the digital divide that hurt many citizens of Daly City during the pandemic. Many young people and senior citizens alike lacked the technology that they needed to continue connecting with their community as businesses and organizations went into lockdown. Students who lacked the technology necessary to log onto virtual school struggled to keep up, as many public locations that offer access to technology (such as libraries) shut down due to the pandemic. The Felix Y. Manalo Foundation provided laptops and financial assistance to Daly City and other Northwestern California citizens, helping them learn and reengage with their communities despite financial issues. 

Community members expressed their gratitude to Iglesia Ni Cristo for helping citizens who needed it most. Mayor Sylvester talked about how moved he was by the willingness of Church members to reach out and help the members of Daly City in any way they can, from cleaning up the streets to mentoring at-risk youth.

Giving Back: A Core Church Value
Iglesia Ni Cristo members believe that it’s important to see all people across the world as brothers and sisters, no matter what their religious affiliation, Church members work to provide humanitarian aid to those in need. 

How Iglesia Ni Cristo is Making the World a Safer Place in the COVID-19 Pandemic
Since the pandemic took hold in early 2020, many people around the world have suddenly found themselves in need of humanitarian aid, and Iglesia Ni Cristo has stepped in to help. The Church has supplied areas with facilities in which they can conduct testing, provide patient care, and provide a safe, secure place for patients to recover from the virus. 

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