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HealthyKidney Inc.’s Growing YouTube Channel Posts Informative Videos About an Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Kidney Detox

These videos include information on how to follow an anti-inflammatory diet for kidney disease, as well as how to run a proper and healthy kidney detox.

In a subsequent video, HealthyKidney Inc. provides a guideline on how to do a proper and healthy kidney detox.”

— Robert Galarowicz

WOOD-RIDGE , NEW JERSEY , UNITED STATES , November 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Robert Galarowicz is the founder of Healthy Kidney Publishing and is an internationally known kidney health expert with success helping thousands of people understand how to properly care for their kidney health. He has personally gone through every stage of kidney disease, including kidney failure, two and half years on dialysis, and is currently living with a cadaver kidney transplant for almost two decades. His mission is to help people avoid what he has gone through and to empower people with information that can improve the state of their kidneys. As a naturopath, Galarowicz focuses on natural remedies to promote better kidney health.

To expand the reach of his knowledge and expertise, Robert Galarowicz created his own YouTube channel, HealthyKidney Inc. in 2017. Now the channel features more than 275 unique videos tailored to kidney disease sufferers (pets included). HealthyKidney Inc. has over 1.244 million total views. The channel has covered over 28 topics pertaining to kidney disease including diet recommendations, tips on dealing with comorbidities, and specific information for cats and dogs. HealthyKidney Inc is extremely interactive with its community, responding to questions and comments within a few days.

HealthyKidney Inc. latest string of videos offers abundant information across a host of kidney related topics. In a video titled “Anti-Inflammation Diet and Kidney Disease,” Robert Galarowicz explains what goes into an anti-inflammatory diet. Whole grains, small amounts of nuts and seeds, and fish oil all contribute to reduced inflammation. Saturated fats and sugary foods are both pro-inflammatory and should be avoided.

In a subsequent video, HealthyKidney Inc. provides a guideline on how to do a proper and healthy kidney detox. It is important to note that although some toxins exist in the kidneys, the majority exist elsewhere in the body and get passed through the kidneys—putting added stress on the kidneys. By removing general toxins from the body, the kidney gets a needed break.

A kidney detox begins with cutting off all animal meat from a person’s diet because meats create toxins like urea and nitrogen. Vegan proteins should be substituted into the diet. The second step is to drink plenty of water and eliminate juices and sodas. Water helps clear out the system and facilitates urination which removes waste. Lemon can be added to water to help prevent against kidney stones. Galarowicz describes lemon as a “cellular scrub” that picks up debris throughout the body and kidneys. The next step of the detox is keeping the body alkaline. A little bit of sodium bicarbonate between meals helps reduce acid buildup in the body, along with plenty of kidney friendly fruits and vegetables. Lastly, acacia fiber, Coq10, and fish oil all play a part in a kidney detox.

To find out more information on everything kidney disease related, including more diet tips, feel free to subscribe to HealthyKidney Inc. on Youtube. The channel uploads at least one video every week, while always monitoring the current pulse of the kidney disease community and offering essential information to keep people as healthy as possible.

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