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The Hottest Upcomers in Art and Music are Ready to Take the Stage
as Part of the Multi-Day Live Experience showcased at WATR HAUS™

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — GRIT BY DESIGN™, a multi-artist exhibition and live art experience founded by entrepreneur Anthony Bold, will showcase 16 artists and 12 recognized musicians with artist and co-host Eddy Boageart at the WATR HAUS™ located in the Wynwood district of Miami Dec. 1 through Dec. 4 at Art Basel 2021, home to DROPLET™(www.droplet.delivery), a wellness-driven brand delivering hydration and all natural products on demand to be launched by Anthony Bold in January 2022 and WATR™ (www.watrwellness.com), his brand that designs, develops and distributes world class hydration and wellness products globally.

Artists at GRIT BY DESIGN™ will each feature 4 works of art that personify their journey to success. Premium tequila sponsor Cincoro Tequila will provide premium tequila based cocktails. Grapestars, a fun app for finding celebrity alcohol brands, will have mixologist Axl Rose on hand to design specialty cocktails with Cincoro tequila, paired with gourmet wagyu burgers, artisan pizzas, truffle fries and salads.

On opening night, artist Brett Loving will paint a live model with a spectacular excavator’s claw. On day 2, Anthony Bold and sculptor Erebus will unveil their collaborative $150,000 Grit Anatomy sculpture, with a portion of the proceeds to be earmarked for the purchaser’s chosen charity. On day 3, a live painting by Eddy Bogaert will be featured with a performance by recording artist Zander Bleck and his LA band Mojave Grey. On closing night, Diogo Snow will live paint the exotic Lamborghini Super Trofeo suspended in the air with a crane, and filmed for an upcoming prime-time docuseries.

Grit by Design Artists:

Diogo Snow (Toronto, Miami, LA): Purchased by celebrities worldwide, his unique and impactful art is urban with a modern twist using spray paint, acrylics, diamond dust, prints and resin.

Max Jamali (Toronto, Miami, LA): A mixed media luxury artist and an award-winning fashion photographer using diamond dust, exotic leathers, 24K gold, silver, and Swarovski crystals to create opulent pieces.

Eddy Bogaert (Miami, NY, LA): With contrasting aesthetics described as a “chaotic balance”, his art is coveted by the who’s who of the art, music, and fashion world.

Brett Loving (Sag Harbour, NY): Pushes and pulls color to create form and light using heavy machinery and custom designed, developed and fabricated pieces.

Clarence James (PVMT84)(Washington DC): His abstract, figurative, ideographic paintings elicit emotional responses and stimulates contemplation. The self-taught artist’s use of spray paint, acrylic, oil pastels, Krink markers, print and found material is instinctual and eclectic. 

Sergio D’ Larosa (NY, Miami): His vibrant use of color transfixes the viewer through various media and artistic categories.

Mohammed Sabbagh (Miami): His wanderlust and search for knowledge fuels his artistic sensibilities with an open mind and promotes self-discovery. 

Paddy Cohn (NY, St. Barths): Abstract art with sensuous, mysterious explorations into textures, layers and distressed materials reflect a childhood spent in the Caribbean.

Erebus (LA): This artist, architectural designer and fabricator explores the juxtapositions of life through his sculptural art in both the digital and physical realms.

Mackenzie Spindler (NY, LA, Miami, New Orleans): American-born (1992) aka MIKISPIN brings contemporary art to visionary standards with a uniqueness and experience.

Michal Shtibel (Tel Aviv): A self-taught oil painter, who has showcased her work globally.

Angela & Gabriel Collazo (Winter Park, Miami, NY): Interior designer with a keen eye for elegant yet simple refinement partnered in love and life with an artist who creates with purpose using paint, texture, layers music and drums, imbued with light and love.

Gilda Garza (Mexico City, Tulum, LA, Miami, NY): The first art exhibition on the Las Vegas strip, Playboy magazine chose Gilda’s art for the cover of their first art special edition.  Also integrated her art into haute couture with fashion designer Roberto Cavalli. 

Flor Troconis (LA, Miami, London): A multitalented artist and painter with an adventurous spirit who has exhibited in NYC, LA, London, Istanbul and Miami.

Grit by Design Music Makers:

Zander Bleck (LA): The founder and lead singer of the rock band Mojave Grey.

Kristina Max (Miami): DJ, vibe raiser and sound connoisseur.

Camilo Trujillo “Milo” (NY, Miami): House Music DJ and producer with residencies at some of the most illustrious venues in NY and Miami.

Bouboulena (NY, Miami): DJ, performance artist, singer-songwriter and music producer with hit song “These Places” charting the Top 10 on Beatport for two weeks.

Enzo (Miami): Miami-based DJ.

HUNNIDYARD (NY, Miami): An independent artist and producer.

Lee Kalt (Miami): DJ and producer whose beats have been garnering international attention for more than two decades.

DJ Elmo (NY): NY based DJ and producer.

Xavier White (NY): Top rated NY DJ quoted as sounding like Drake’s long lost brother.

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