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GlockApps Releases Trick-or-Treating Email Templates to Keep Up the Halloween Cheer in a Social-Distancing Environment

One of GlockApps Halloween templates

One of the most popular templates this year by GlockApps. The team has also created their own spooky Halloween photo just for fun.

One of GlockApps Halloween template

Templates vary in style and all the texts are editable.

GlockApps releases a mini-series of trick-or-treating Halloween email templates to move the tradition online in the face of social distancing.

PINEDALE, WYOMING, UNITED STATES, October 27, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — October 27, 2020 – An estimated 172 million Americans have participated in festivities in 2019. With a necessity of social distancing, 2020 does not look favorable for traditional gatherings and trick-or-treating. That is why email software company GlockApps released a mini-series of trick-or-treating Halloween email templates with action steps to ignite the sense of community and connection in the face of isolation.

Starting online trick-or-treating is easy: Halloween-themed templates have fun texts, a place for photo upload, and a field for a mail address. Anyone who wishes to surprise their friend, relative, or coworker, has to take a photo in a Halloween costume, add it to the template and send it. In exchange, the recipient can either send treats to a provided physical mail address or share their own costume photo.

‘’There are 3.9 billion people who use email around the globe, with almost 3 billion emails being sent and received daily. If this year you cannot attend a Halloween gathering or let your kid go trick-or-treating, a simple fun email will add a dash of a festive mood. And if the recipient is generous enough, you will also get some candy.” – says Alex Markov, the CEO of the GlockApps.

GlockApps also encourages sharing online trick-or-treating Halloween costumes to exchange them for prizes from the company.

To open your online trick-or-treating season go to the GlockApps page with instructions and download free templates.

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GlockApps provides essential email marketing software for both analysis and solutions. Including inbox insights, DMARC analytics, bounce tracking, and uptime monitoring, the GlockApps software toolbox meets the needs of all email marketers. GlockApps aims to ensure that every email is delivered to the correct inbox and poses no risk to the sender or recipient.

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