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GlockApps Launches Uptime Monitor, the first protocol monitoring multi-tool to include authentication records.

GlockApps Uptime Monitor Dashboard

GlockApps gathers all important monitors in one place.

Uptime Monitor checks not only TLS, HTTP, and TCP protocols, but also IPs, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records, on a minute-by-minute basis, 24/7.

PINEDALE, WYOMING, UNITED STATES, November 4, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — November 3, 2020 – GlockApps is proud to announce the release of the Uptime Monitor – the all-in-one solution for every protocol check at 1-minute intervals from different locations.

For the first time, business owners, email marketing professionals, and web administrators are presented with an opportunity to monitor the health of their authentication records, IPs, and all vital protocols in one place. With the ability to track signals from different locations, and instantly receive notifications via Telegram, Slack, and email, a new Uptime Monitor covers all bases of Internet connection and security. Featuring checks at 1-minute intervals, the new tool eliminates the possibility of overlooking an error and allows in-depth insights for a troubleshooting process.

Uptime Monitor allows email marketers to:
– Monitor SPF, DKIM, and DMARC record’s health and receive alerts if any changes occur;
– Check if your IP is blacklisted;
– Get notified 30 days prior to the SSL certificate expiration date;
– See if their website is up and running at any given time with HTTP monitor;
– Monitor any port of choosing and make sure the server is online with TCP Monitor;
– See response times in a chart and reveal the page’s slowness;
– Continuously check whether the keyword appears on a page with Keyword Monitoring;
– Receive instant alerts via email, Telegram, or Slack.

Alex Markov, the CEO of the GlockApps says: ‘To coin a phrase, forewarned is forearmed. No one can predict everything that can go wrong, but you can be prepared for it. This is exactly why we have created an all-in-one Uptime Monitor. By checking protocols of all levels as often as every other minute, no error will catch you off guard.’

An important transactional email will not be delivered due to authentication record misconfiguration, a crashed server can cost the owner hundreds and thousands of dollars and customers’loyalty. GlockApps Uptime Monitor provides an advantage – having all protocols monitoring in one place gives the ability to pinpoint the source of a problem and act on it immediately. With detailed and timely information, the owner can postpone upcoming activities, like releases or email blasts, and eliminate the problem rapidly and accurately.

About GlockApps

GlockApps provides essential email marketing software for both analysis and solutions. Including Inbox Insights, DMARC analytics, IP blacklist, and uptime monitoring, the GlockApps software toolbox meets the needs of all email marketers. GlockApps aims to ensure that every email is delivered to the correct inbox and poses no risk to the sender or recipient.

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