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This November 30, Canadians can support dignity and restoration with a gift of shoes.

Group of people watching shoemaker construct special shoes. In the foreground, a woman named Sumi watches. Her feet are damaged from leprosy.

Thanks to the shoes that Balaram the shoe maker is creating, Sumi’s feet will be protected from further damage and her mobility will be enhanced.

Canadian Christian Global Health Organization wants to change 500 lives with shoes

A small cut can become a massive health crisis. But specially designed shoes can prevent a catastrophe. We can change lives with these shoes.”

— Kim Evans, CEO of Effect Hope

MARKHAM, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — As people hunt for Black Friday deals on shoes, Canadian Christian Global Health Organization, Effect Hope challenges Canadians to give 500 pairs of shoes for Giving Tuesday on November 30.

In an event the non-profit organization is calling ‘Giving Shoesday,’ Effect Hope asks Canadians to make a gift of special protective shoes for people with nerve damage and injuries due to leprosy and other neglected tropical diseases.

The cost of a pair of this so-called miracle shoes is $25. This price point beats even the best Black Friday deals.

“Many people with leprosy and other neglected tropical diseases can’t feel pain anymore. Leprosy damages the nervous system meaning that the body stops sending warning signals to the brain. That’s what pain is – a warning,” explained Kim Evans, CEO of Effect Hope. “Suddenly, an everyday activity like walking is risky! Without pain, people don’t notice when they injure their foot. The small cut can become infected that just can’t heal. The infection can spread up the leg, and in some cases, amputation may be necessary to save a life. Many people whom we serve depend on their ability to walk to earn a living and to survive. A small cut can become a massive health crisis. 

But specially designed shoes can prevent a catastrophe. We can change lives with these shoes,” she added.

Custom-made miracle shoes help to protect the foot, allowing it to heal. These special shoes for people with ulcers and injuries from leprosy and other neglected tropical diseases cradle the foot in just the right way. The footwear also keeps people mobile so that they can work and be with their communities.  Thanks to miracle shoes, people experience restoration of their mobility and dignity.

Effect Hope is aiming to raise enough to provide 500 pairs of protective shoes to people who need them by November 30. Canadians can donate and receive a charitable tax receipt here: www.effecthope.org/givingshoesday.

About Effect Hope

Effect Hope is a Canadian Christian global health organization that partners with others to bring hope and restoration to people affected by neglected tropical diseases like leprosy. These diseases cause illness and disabilities, perpetuate poverty, invite discrimination, and eliminate hope. For about 130 years, Effect Hope has worked together with affected communities and people to find innovative solutions to ensure that those living with neglected tropical diseases can thrive.

With partners and supporters, Effect Hope seeks to create a world where people overcome neglected tropical diseases like leprosy – A world full of hope.

Anjay Nirula
Effect Hope
+1 416-459-9198
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