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#GiveBack2022: AgriUT Foundation launches charitable campaign to change the lives of smallholder farmers worldwide

Smallholder Cocoa Farmers Digital Inclusion

Kiram Cooperative in Papua New Guinea

Smallscale farmer group growing coffee in Ethiopia

Coffee farmers from Beshasha Cooperative in Ethiopia receiving the AgUnity smartphone that will be funded through Agriwards donations.

AgriUT Foundation - a social impact driven charitable organisation

AgriUT Foundation – a social impact driven charitable organisation

AgriUT Foundation provides members of the public the opportunity to give 200 AgriUT Tokens to farmers through the Agriwards platform.

BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, January 15, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — This weekend the AgriUT Foundation will give members of the public the opportunity to give 200 AgriUT Tokens to farmers from Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea through the Agriwards platform.

Thousands of smallholder farmers use AgUnity technology to access life-changing services. However, thousands more in surrounding cooperatives—many of whom are unbanked and earn less than a dollar a day—are still waiting for their opportunity for digital inclusion.

The AgriUT Foundation has created the digital token, AgriUT, that can safely exchange direct value within the AgUnity or other networks (https://youtu.be/YA-ZjgviKcE). Powered by blockchain technology, it provides traceability and auditability in previously exploitative and opaque markets throughout remote regions of the world.

The AgriUT token is in live production across Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea, increasing farmer incomes and improving efficiency within cooperatives. Several other countries, including Kenya and Indonesia, are already scheduled for AgUnity integration in 2022. The devices will bring transparency and trust to coffee, cocoa, and vanilla value chains, and new extensions will give farmers access to carbon credit and grant markets for development.

Financial inclusion for smallholder farmers and rural populations in low-income countries is a crucial step toward ongoing integration with global financial markets and key to enabling people to lift themselves out of poverty. Tools such as crop insurance, micro-finance, online savings accounts, and online banking are proving valuable to this population segment.

With the release of this campaign, which allows anyone to provide tokens to remote smallholder farmers, these farmers and their communities will have the chance to purchase phones, get access to digital services, buy farm inputs, and grow their businesses.

Please follow the link to collect 200 free AgriUT tokens and give them to a deserving smallholder farmer: https://bit.ly/Rewardafarmer

For more information visit: www.agriut.org

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AgriUT Foundation
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