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George Washington Carver Snack Brand Debut

Tomato-based condiments inspired by George Washington Carver

Tomato-based condiments

Peanut Butter snacks inspired by George Washington Carver

Peanut Butter snacks inspired by George Washington Carver

Sweet Potato flavored snacks inspired by George Washington Carver

Sweet Potato snacks inspired by George Washington Carver

Virtual Press Event Feb. 24, 2021 introducing the George Washington Carver snack brand – Presented by Charlotte Lyons

ZOOM Digital Event Feb 24, 2021 02:00 PM Eastern Standard Time”

— Blue Bear Brands

CHEYENNE, WYOMING, USA, February 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — GEO. W. CARVER Debuts Collection of Food & Beverage Products inspired by an American Icon and Food Scientist

Brand launched on National Peanut Butter Day, with Black History Month event on Feb. 24

WHAT : Blue Bear Brands is launching a food & beverage brand honoring groundbreaking food scientist George Washington Carver. The product line will consist of foods based on Tomato, Sweet Potato, Peanut and other fruits, vegetables and nuts.

WHY : George Washington Carver was an advocate of healthy food choices and environmentally sustainable lifestyles. These two topics dominate the contemporary societal conversation about how we should care for ourselves, and the earth. We believe a wide variety of consumers will identify with Washington’s personal narrative of self-determination and self-reliance.

WHEN : While there are no in-person launch events due to Covid restrictions, the brand will offer video interviews and digital media events to invigorate food & beverage licensees and inform product suppliers. George Washington Carver was a Black American, and the February rollout of the brand during Black History Month has special meaning for people of African ancestry worldwide.

WHERE : ZOOM Digital Event Feb 24, 2021 02:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada) Food Suppliers, Potential Licensees, Journalists, Bloggers and Social Media influencers can attend our online press event. moderated by culinary expert and former Ebony Magazine food editor Charlotte Lyons.

WHO : The event will be hosted by Frank Cargle, Managing Partner of Blue Bear Legacy Group, the division of Blue Bear focused on the Estates of cultural significance. Charlotte Lyons, culinary expert and former Ebony Magazine food editor will lead a discussion with two food industry experts and a historian steeped in the history of George Washington Carver.

The leader of our discussion is Charlotte Lyons, a towering figure in culinary circles. For nearly four decades her writing on African-American food culture reached millions of people through Ebony, Jet and other historically Black magazine publications. She is a published author, culinary instructor and historian of impact of Black American traditions on American cuisine.

Geo. W. Carver, the brand honoring groundbreaking food scientist George Washington Carver, is bringing its collection of snacks to consumers this spring and summer. The brand will feature snacks inspired by recipes and formulas developed by one of America’s most beloved scientists during his incredible career of advocacy for better nutrition. Carver explored recipes using peanuts, tomatoes, pecans, sweet potatoes, corn, vinegars, dry coffee and candy. Delivering familiar flavors with a message of individual dignity, humanity and heartland values, the snacks are destined to be a favorite for anyone seeking an alternative to traditional snack brands.  

For much of the 20th century, George Washington Carver was the most widely recognized scientist of African ancestry in the world. Carver’s story of self-determination and triumph over adversity inspired millions. A child prodigy, he was orphaned in his youth but showed an extraordinary talent for the science of plants and flowers. Through grit and determination, he worked his way through Iowa State University, where he studied botany, and went on to conduct research at Tuskegee University for decades. He traveled the world as an ambassador of botany, agriculture and racial harmony. A deeply religious man, he won the admiration of Presidents Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt, business titan Henry Ford, and royal families across Europe with his unique combination of spirituality and science.

The Geo. W. Carver brand is available for licensing. Please contact Erica Dolgos at licensing@bluebearbrands.net for opportunities to produce food, beverage and consumer products under the Geo. W. Carver brand. https://www.geowcarver.com
Blue Bear Brands designs, develops and distributes brands of cultural significance. Blue Bear’s diverse team is a minority and female-owned and operated business.

Blue Bear Brands
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