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Former Celebrity Publicist Tanya Vece’s Memoir Inks Book Deal

Tanya Vece Gossip Media

Author and Publicity Guru Tanya Vece has penned a six-figure book deal to talk about her life. The book is planned for an early 2022 release.

The book exposes so many truths and events that Tanya has been quiet about. She lives this rather normal life but has these major Hollywood connections.”

— Chris Fredo

HOLLYWOOD, CA, USA, November 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Basic Print Books has officially signed a deal with former Las Vegas-based event maven and celebrity publicist Tanya Vece. The deal was inked last week for six figures allowing Basic Print Books to publish Vece’s memoir while she retains the rights to her life story and personal photographs. Due out in early 2022, Tanya Vece stated the book was once planned as an independent release until she shopped a deal through her publicity agency, PR Delivered. Basic Print Books will handle the marketing and public relations tour for the book, which is titled “Look Into the Camera.”.

“I feel it is time to expose the truth about my life twenty years ago. I still get questions about certain celebrities and what I did. I figured if there is an interest then it’s a perfect time to take a walk down memory lane. Being able to capture a book deal, versus releasing the book independently, will offer more support when it comes to fact-checking the book and the marketing side of delivering it to an eager audience,” said Tanya Vece.

Tanya Vece ran Gossip Media PR & Events from 2000-2008, working with The Hank Aaron Foundation, Saturday Night Live, and more. In 2005 she started The Horse Chronicles magazine and followed that venture up with “Itch; Loves Stories About Heroin”, a book about her relationship with the late Layne Staley of Alice in Chains. Vece retired in 2008. Now, Vece owns a business development and content curation firm titled Tanya Vece Delivers where she helps a variety of companies create brand recognition. She also contracts marketing consulting jobs within the healthcare industry as passion projects.

Vece made headlines of her own in 2002 when she was linked to actor Keanu Reeves mid-pregnancy rumors after Vece and Reeves were spotted at Sunset Station Hotel & Casino. Vece denied the rumors. At the end of 2008, Vece again made headlines for her relationship with British comedian and actor Russell Brand after being spotted in Las Vegas. Since then, she moved from a small home in Los Angeles to a small home in Boulder City, NV, writing for the local newspaper and promoting its annual film festival.

“The book exposes so many truths and events that Tanya has been quiet about. She lives this rather normal life but has these major Hollywood connections. Her being able to balance who she is outside of La La Land is pretty remarkable and that’s the story she now wants to tell,” finished Chris Fredo of Doug Productions. “One minute you have this green-eyed workaholic picking up press credentials in Beverly Hills for an event with Alec Baldwin and then the next minute she is dating an older man she meets by accident while working in Boulder City, Nevada. The book is a surprising look at how someone can manage success without being blinded by fame or money- or the occasional prank with hotdogs!”

“Look Into the Camera” will be available in print editions only. Basic Print Books will sell the hardcover edition for $29.99 and the softcover for $19.99. More information on the book and its author will be available in January of 2022. Interview requests are currently being evaluated but Ms. Vece. Basic Print Books is sending out Galley preview copies of the book to members of the press upon qualification.

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