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Firecracker Math Announces Launch of Math Kangaroo Preparation Course

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The course is designed to prepare and coach students in grades 1-7 for the Math Kangaroo international math competition.

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Firecracker Math is pleased to announce a comprehensive Math Kangaroo Preparation Course for students in grades 1-7. Firecracker Math is a non-profit organization of passionate, well-trained, and enthusiastic teachers with advanced degrees in math or science who offer a unique math enrichment program for children aged 5 to 16 years of age. The company’s aim is to spark a child’s joy for, deepen their knowledge, and further develop their aptitude and talent in math.

In the company’s latest news, Firecracker Math is now offering a comprehensive Math Kangaroo Preparation Course for the Math Kangaroo international math competition. The 10-week-long course includes a series of weekly workshops to prepare and coach kids in grades 1-7 for the competition, meeting every Wednesdays (in person) or on Fridays (online) at the following times:

2:00-2:55pm (Wednesday) or 3:15pm-4:10pm (Friday)Grades 1-2
3:05-4:05pm (Wednesday) or 4:20pm-5:20pm (Friday)Grades 3-4
4:15-5:15pm (Wednesday) or 4:00pm-5:00pm (Friday)Grades 5-7

“This year, the US Math Kangaroo 2022 takes place on March 17th, 2022,” says founder of Firecracker Math, Ella Levine. “Enrollment is now open and once you register for this course, Firecracker Math will send you an invitation to sign up for the Math Kangaroo Competition 2022 to take the test at the Firecracker Math online center. Competition registration ends on 12/15. After 12/15 registration is based on availability. If you want to take the exam in-person, you can register through Piedmont PTA or through Math Kangaroo site. Note that students CAN participate in class but opt-out from taking the

For more information about Firecracker Math, to see the course syllabus, or to register, please click here.

About Firecracker Math

Firecracker Math offers small group and private instruction on extra-curriculum math topics and aims to spark children’s interest in math, deepen their knowledge and further develop their aptitude and talent in math. The company’s curriculum focuses on exploration and understanding of mathematical concepts, and on teaching kids the skills of problem-solving and logical reasoning. Winter-Spring term registration is now open.

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