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famifami: A “Marriage-First” Dating App for Serious Relationships

We believe in family and that a happy marriage is where it starts. Famifami is where individuals sharing a similar vision in familial happiness meet and connect

UNITED STATES, November 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Our ultimate goal is to make the world a better place by enriching people’s minds and hearts. We believe family is one of the building blocks of society and a happy marriage is where it starts. According to a report released by the U.S. Census Bureau in April 2021, the median age at first marriage rose approximately two full years between 2008 and 2016 for both sexes. Although many do desire marriage, we live in a society that makes us anxious about our post-marriage life and having a family – this leads to many postponing marriage or growing reluctant to get married. Furthermore, approximately 30% of custodial single mothers and their children live in poverty (U.S Census Bureau, 2015) and over 30% of child support payments are not made and less than half are paid in full (Leefeldt, 2019). Although divorce may be inevitable at times, the responsibility once undertaken as a parent must continue to be fulfilled even after separation. However, the statistics above show that many regard divorce as a complete end to any form of family or legal ties.

There is a cyclic nature to unhealthy relationships – at famifami, we strongly believe in breaking this toxic cycle of dysfunctional relationships. A healthy couple to a successful marriage, and from there to a happy family. Children born to a happy couple would grow up knowing the happiness family brings to an individual and to society, and would strive to attain their own. This is the future we envision, where the world is a place where couples marry with faith in familial happiness. We believe in a society with an abundance of happy families spreading further love to others around them, hence, our name famifami.

What sets us apart from other dating apps is that we take our users’ dating as seriously as they do. We want to support our users to be successful in achieving their relational goals and therefore implemented a badge and quiz system to help users experience, measure, and publicly display their growth in their knowledge on dating and relationships. We award badges to our users based on their performance in the quizzes that they take, which are displayed on their profiles. For users to perform successfully in their quizzes, they must watch our lecture videos and deepen their knowledge and understanding on dating and gender differences, which is often a major source of relational tension and arguments. By performing well in the quizzes, users also get recommended more often on the feed, allowing them to receive more profile views. In this way, users not only benefit from this system as they can experience growth, but the increased profile views also create an incentive for them to learn more and better themselves further through our lecture videos and quizzes.

Moreover, our users’ profiles are more detailed than that of a traditional dating app. We ask our users to fill in information about their vision and values that you would otherwise not provide unless you have already gone on multiple dates such as “living expenses budget.” By doing so, we allow our users to get to know their potential partners better and at an earlier point in their relationship, preventing marriage failures after dating for a long time. We recognize that many of our users, especially those who are in their 30’s, want to get married soon and do not want to spend too much time on a relationship that would not lead to marriage.

We see our users’ relational journeys for the long haul. As we value our users’ marriages as our own, we are planning to implement a participation pledge, which we recommend them to sign. Users can display on their profiles if this is something they are willing to comply with, or not. This pledge states that the user agrees to get a prenuptial agreement issued and signed with their future spouse whom they have met through our services. In this way, we encourage users to consider and establish long-term and sustainable relationships that lead to marriage and family.

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