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Emotn C1, Pushing the Boundaries for LCD Projector

Emotn Product Portfolio

Emotn Product Portfolio

Emotn C1 projector

Emotn C1 projector

Emotn C1 projector

Emotn C1

NEW YORK, US, December 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Emotn has launched its first LCD projector, Emotn C1, on 26th November, the Black Friday of 2021. The LCD projector is positioned as a young, fashionable, high-end, and cost-effective projector.

Fashionable Appearance

In terms of color matching, Emotn C1 projector uses elegant white as the main color and fluorescent yellow as the embellishment. The bold contrast color looks fashionable, energetic, and lively.

There is a long groove working as a phone stand. The long groove and two sidebars of the projector are made of Silica gel, delivering good and comfortable touch.

Emotn C1 measures only 225 x186 x 109 mm and weighs just 1.67 kg, which is convenient to move and carry.

Smart Features

Emotn C1 has a native resolution of 720P with an image contrast of 5,500:1, projecting a clear image with rich details. The projector is rated at 8,500 lumens, delivering a bright and clear image even under ambient lights.

The new projector adopts LCD display technology and uses LED as the light source, which has a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hrs.

It can project clear images ranging from 50”-120” within a projection distance range of 1-3m, delivering a big screen within a small room. Emotn C1 supports both keystone correction and focus adjustment, providing a better image effect for users.

Emotn C1 supports two working modes, Projection Mode and Bluetooth Speaker Mode. Users can switch at will according to their needs.

It is equipped with a 5W speaker and customized Box, delivering quality sound. The optical machine will be automatically off when entering Bluetooth Speaker Mode, producing no noise and ensuring quiet operation.

It supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.1, ensuring a stable and quick connection.

Emotn C1 is equipped with rich and various ports, including 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, 1 VGA port, 1 AV port, 1 Aux 3.5mm audio output, and 1 SD/TF card port, supporting rich resources from external devices.

Powerful Screen Mirroring

Emotn C1 supports both wired and wireless screen mirroring for Android phones and iPhones.

When the projector is turned on, the screen mirroring navigation bar for Android and iOS devices will appear on the homepage, which is easy to understand and use even though it is the first use.

In addition, Emotn C1 can send out its own hotspot signal, enabling users to mirror in an environment without a Wi-Fi signal, which is convenient for outdoor parties or activities.

The LCD projector is now available on Emotn official website at an affordable price of $179.

Emotn is a young, energetic expert and innovator specializing in projectors, TV boxes, and Android TV applications. For projectors, Emotn is devoted to providing users with young, fashionable, high-tech, high-quality, and cost-effective LCD projectors.

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