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Educator Parette Walker empowers children through a noteworthy career

Parette Walker served as principal at Arthur O. Eve School

Parette Walker served as principal at Arthur O. Eve School

The career of Parette Walker, Buffalo educator, illustrates the importance of meeting the needs of all children to create a thriving school environment

LANCASTER,, NY, USA, November 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — A long-term career in a school district provides an educator with unique opportunities to witness the growth of children and the evolution of their needs. For Buffalo career educator Parette Walker, decades spent providing in-classroom and supervisory care to the children of Buffalo via the Buffalo Public School District offered many unique opportunities to improve the lives of her pupils both directly and through involvement in key projects. 

A primary concern in education is ensuring children are able to stay challenged and engaged in the school environment. For many children, more standard instruction and opportunities are all that is needed, but there are others who require additional care to grow and learn. Under Parette Walker’s leadership, improvements have helped close the gaps in access for students who need more. 

Child-focused improvements at Arthur O. Eve school
When many consider children who would benefit from additional intervention, immediate thoughts are often related to behavioral issues. However, high-achieving students are some of the best beneficiaries of added attention. Studies show gifted and talented students are often more neglected in low-income areas, which can lead to a lifetime achievement gap. Insufficient addressing of the needs of talented students also creates the opportunity for distraction due to a lack of academic rigor. 

As Parette Walker served as principal at Arthur O. Eve School #61, she witnessed first-hand the need for a gifted and talented program at the facility. During her time at the school, the program was implemented along with numerous other initiatives that helped the school move from a school classified as “in need of improvement” to a school in “good standing.” 

A calming place
Emotional volatility can impact any child at any time, and some children are more susceptible due to a variety of issues. A key part of improving the standing of Arthur O. Eve School under Parette Walker’s tenure was ensuring children were able to receive their education free of long-term interruptions. The installation of a calming room on the campus was a key aspect of improving the school experience for children. For the students who use the room, helping them stay in school following an emotional upset reduces the loss of valuable education hours.

Calming rooms are rooted in scientific basics for stress reduction. A student visits the calming room and experiences a welcoming, safe, low-stimulation space that accommodates relaxation, facilitates the de-escalation of emotions and relieves stress. When a child is ready, they return to class with a minimal loss of instruction time.

By embracing the latest technology and unique opportunities, Walker helped create a better school still poised for additional growth upon her 2021 retirement.

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